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Magical Spin - Terms + Conditions

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Magical Spin - Terms + Conditions

Post by MattCrespo101 »

Hey ThePogg, I don't have any complaints with said casino nor am I a player but they are listed as recommended and previously denied a player 11,000 euros on a straight cash deposit of 50 euros with terms like

"The user is prohibited from using devices such as robots, any other external player assistance (EPAs) program, or techniques that distort normal gameplay and give the player an unfair advantage. The use of a Martingale system is prohibited.

7.4 The use of automated mathematical techniques which do not give place to chance, especially roulette games, is not permitted and may be considered a fraud or cheating technique."

Finally, they have a max bet restriction on non-bonus funds of 10x the initial deposit. Bet restrictions on straight cash deposits?

Eventually, the player had deposits returned, but was denied nearly 10,000 euros in legitimate winnings. The terms have been updated since and this issue was 1 year ago but they have a recommended status on thePOGG. I'm only questioning the rating because of how poor I felt after reading the thread on LCB for the player who didn't get paid

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Re: Magical Spin - Terms + Conditions

Post by thePOGG »

Hey MattCrespo101,

We'd be happy to review the issue but the player would need to submit their claim here. After years of experience dealing with player issues (nearly 2k managed personally) it's become very apparent that what's posted publicly is often far from representative of the truth.

As to the non-bonus play win limit - point the term out and we'll take this up with the operator. We don't accept those terms as valid.



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