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The best movies of gambling!!

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thePOGG wrote:I've got to say i consider 21 to be utterly aweful (though i still watch it from time to time as i love gambling lol). The story is terrible and cheesy, not to mention not making sense and despite having some good actors in it it screams b-movie. I can only assume the script writers were second or third tier.

And the Ocean's movies ain't that much better. I mean in the second one they have a major storyline that revolves around the fact that Julia Roberts' character looks like Julia Roberts?!

I really like The Croupier and Shade was pretty good, though very cheesy. I love Casino though in truth the movie's more about gangsters and Goodfellas is better
Well critics, Pogg. You have cleared some points of those movies. :)
I believe, movies are made for entertainment, there always need some ups and downs to attract the crowd and so does the movies follow.

Just need to find the interest out of those movies. :D

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