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Casino Reps start here!

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Casino Reps start here!

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I've had several casinos enquiring recently about posting their promotions on the forum for our players, so I felt that I should post some basic rules before I allow this.

  1. Before posting anything as an official casino representative you must contact me by either PM or email ([email protected]). If you've not received explicit permission, you're not allowed and posting is likely to reflect negatively within your associated casinos' reviews.
  2. Only casinos that have a review posted on the main site are allowed to post promotions. If you wish to request a review of your casinos you can do so here. Please check that your casinos aren't already listed before doing so (Casino Reviews list - select 'Show All' and use 'CTRL F' to search).
  3. Casinos that are listed as 'Not Recommended' or 'Blacklisted' are forbidden from posting any form of promotional material on the boards.
  4. Casinos listed as 'Not Recommended' may be allowed a representative on the forum to answer player questions if they wish, but if we feel that your participation strays into the realms of advertising we reserve the right to suspend your account permanently.
  5. All promotional posts should contain a properly tagged link that associates players with this site. To ensure this happens, we would prefer that you notify admin after making your post. We will add the link alongside a casino logo manually. This will also result in your post being shown for a duration on the homepage and for the month in the 'Promotions' section.
  6. If you choose to post your own links are found to be posting links that do not contain the correct affiliate tags, your posting privileges will be suspended. This includes links posted in the user profile page.
  7. Your role here is in a professional capacity and as such will be held to high standards. While we appreciate that dealing with players can be frustrating at times, if you feel that a player is making unfounded accusations or is behaving inappropriately you should report them to the admin team immediately. We have a zero tolerance policy for this type of behaviour on the message boards and player complaints are more appropriately dealt with in the 'Dispute Mediation' section of the site where a mediated discussion can take place. If at any point you as a casino representative engage in unprofessional conduct on the forums, your posting privileges will be suspended.
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Read and noted. And happy to be a part of this fine forum. ;)

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