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How the winnings are separated by the provider?

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How the winnings are separated by the provider?

Post by KamenValev »

Hi everyone, I have a very interesting question. I have heard that the prize pool is separated by the provider, not by the casino... The meaning of this is that the winnings are separated by the slots, no matter which casino u will use... Does someone have such information, am I right or wrong? Any info will be helpful! Thanks and good luck!

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Re: How the winnings are separated by the provider?

Post by thePOGG »

Hi KamenValev,

If you're talking about progressive jackpots, it depends on the software provider and the casino.

For most of the bigger providers and a provider maintained jackpot the basic mechanics of what should happen is that the provider keeps track of how much is wagered on the game over period X and the operator then pays the jackpot contributions to the provider when they are paying their standard fees. Then when a player wins at whichever casino, the provider reviews the play to ensure that everything is above board then pays the jackpot to the casino. The casino them should pay the player.

With a local network - run by a single or group of casinos - the process should be the same other than the jackpot contributions should then be ring-fenced to the funds are available to pay when someone wins.

That is how a progressive jackpots should work. Often however it's not how they do work and when that happens it's usually the players that lose out.


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