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What do we think is a reasonable bonus /feature

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What do we think is a reasonable bonus /feature

Post by xalksx »

Right this is something that really pees me of at times ..It used to be the biggy the one you played for the one you spun and spun for ..The bonus/feature..So when it lands what do we expect ..I remember when hitting a bonus on a £1 play you would no you were hitting £70+ at least ..Now things have changed ..Some times you get the bonus you have been waiting on and hit 15 free spins and bang you get £8 and feel sick ..Have things changed allot ..In my eyes they have/and not for the better even the machines in the bookies have taken a massive plunge now we all no the max in one go on a slot on the fobt is £500 win but now they have £10 super spins or £2 play ..Now thats where there cheating us even more because for the £1 you can win £500 and for the £2 you can win £500 only and for the £10/£20 etc super spins the max we can win is £500 a bit of topic here but they machines are 4/1 every £100 spin which people don't get there head round ,moving on to casino slots ..There features/bonuses in my eyes have taken a big drop where as they used to be really good now you can get sweetys for bonuses or features in my eyes it should work in a way that if you get a bonus or feature you should be set to win a minimum sum of money IE.


And so on ..This gives the player more confidence to play the slot in my eyes ..Thats why when i hit on playboy slot i was so excited as it was like the old slots were back ..But now imagine spinning £400 and hitting a features and winning a measly £8 odds it sicken you .

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Post by thePOGG »

Hey xalksx,

I can't comment much on the slots games other than to say that the variances is high enough that you're unlikely to reach the long term (i.e. you could just be going through a short term negative swing) as I don't get a lot of time to play anymore and even when I did slots really weren't my game of choice.

The other thing I'd say is it depends on the game you choose - if you choose a high variance game it'll probably take longer to hit the bonus feature, but you're likely to win more. Longer losing periods with bigger wins when they occur.

You've raised a really interesting point about the FOBTs and it's one that'd stop me recommending a casino online. This artificial win cap actually increases the house edge the more you are betting, so the advertised house edge (which I think has to be made available to players), doesn't reflect the true house edge. That's a horrible situation!
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