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Posted: Thu Dec 26, 2013 12:02 pm
by Bazilbrush
Amethystium - Strangely Beautiful


I listen to a lot of calming music when I grind casinos helps me relax and focus. :)

Posted: Fri Jan 17, 2014 12:18 pm
by thePOGG
Just got the new Eminem album at the start of the week. I've not been as critical of the last couple as a lot of people, but this album is far and away the best he's put out in years and one of the best new albums I've picked up in the last few years. I have a great deal of respect for anyone who can reflect on their past behavior and identify the mistakes they've made, something that's very much a theme of the album.


Posted: Wed Apr 23, 2014 9:57 pm
by mister_blackjack

Posted: Thu Apr 24, 2014 9:15 am
by thePOGG
I really like that! Very chilled and totally up my street. Seem to be a mix of artists though which is a shame as I'm a bit old school and still like to pick up a cd of the artist when I find something I like. Several mixes out there, but who knows what you'll get with them.

Posted: Thu Apr 24, 2014 7:41 pm
by xalksx
Jeez I cannot even start putting links up to what music I like it goes anywhere from bruce Springsteen "The Boss" to Swedish house mafia to old hardcore music to old school music tom Wilson , like van Morrison , like big country , a bit of puff daddy bit of 2 pac ..But my fav tune and a song that does guide me threw in life and puts me in a happy mood is ....


And love Tracy Chapman and Bruce Springsteen - My Hometown

The list goes on haha

Posted: Mon Apr 28, 2014 9:08 am
by thePOGG
I loved the first Broken Bells album - I really felt it's the best thing James Mercer's done and I do have a lot of time for The Shins. They've recently released their second album and the first track off it just blew me away...


Posted: Mon Jun 09, 2014 3:37 pm
by mister_blackjack

Posted: Wed Jul 16, 2014 7:36 pm
by thePOGG
I took a few days off last week to travel to see Pearl Jam at Milton Keynes bowl. Well worth the money, time and travel. A 3 hour 15 minute set from one of the best rock bands ever.


Posted: Sat Aug 16, 2014 5:47 pm
by mister_blackjack

Posted: Tue Aug 26, 2014 1:24 pm
by Stein
Lots of Nu Disco @