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Affiliate Program Reviews

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Re: Affiliate Program Reviews

Postby thePOGG » Mon Jun 11, 2018 8:04 am

This week's aff program reviews:

From the BetHard license (so problematic player terms):

Jacked Affiliates - we have serious concerns about how this group deals with Responsible Gambling and how they manage player complaints. They also carry a Minimum Activity Quota:

GameBet Affiliates - owned by the same people as Parasino Affiliates, non-responsive to player complaints.

LVBet Partners - Problematic player terms. They don't define how negative balances are managed. They carry a Minimum Activity Quota. And they have a gagging clause:

Bob Casino Affiliates - Blatant parasitical branding, advocating drug use and a term that is punitive to any player who tries to engage Responsible Gambling tools. They also don't define what happens to negative balances but this seems a small issue in comparison:

BetBright - a few problem player terms. NCO and a Minimum Activity Quota. Not Recommended for affiliates:


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