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Just a suggestion..

Posted: Wed Mar 14, 2018 10:40 am
by EastonStone
My apologies if this post is in either the wrong forum or had been done before. I'd read the forums as thoroughly as possible..

I just have a quick suggestion. I know the POGG doesn't rate specifically US Casino's but believe me when I am trying to research game fairness and trustworthiness of withdrawals processes I check the casino in the search box of the Pogg. Mainly because it will have a lot of USA casinos turn up if I query them specifically. And many of them are not to be trusted (still have yet to find one good one that isn't overly rated or simply blacklisted). So what I haven't quite understood on this website is the filter search button for specifically USA. When I press on it to filter US casinos it will simply turn no results in any of your categories. I think that would either mean the Pogg has not trusted any US based Casinos or haven't reviewed them. But like I said I trust the Pogg so I will do a specific search for a particular casino and if it's USA it will still show me information (so it's not as if US casinos aren't reviewed at all here).

Can someone perhaps iterate me reasoning/s for a US filter when there aren't any recommended US Casinos or does it truly mean that you (as I) have yet to find a casino that is in all counts..including fairness.. even close to recommending.

Oh yes. My suggestion. If even I've turned up blacklisted or non recommended US casinos by specific query of the search box. Can you instead place them all together so I know which the Pogg truly does not recommend? Even if it's any US casino rated by the Pogg. Still would be nice to have a full list.


Re: Just a suggestion..

Posted: Wed Mar 14, 2018 11:59 am
by thePOGG
Hi EastonStone,

The simple truth on this front is that we do not recommend any US casinos to players for three reasons:

i) There's no unlicensed operators that meet our standards. Most are either horrific rogues, are ridiculous slow payers or in the best of cases (Bodog group) simply carry predatory terms.

ii) The licensed operators are close to as bad and the unlicensed. There's not one amongst them that are transparent when it comes to the management of player complaints and as such we won't work with them.

iii) Even if the unlicensed operators did get their game together we wouldn't work with them. It has been made very clear by the US regulatory agencies that any affiliate that works with the unlicensed market will never be allowed to work with the licensed market. While we've no interest in the licensed market at the present time, we've far more interest in what it could develop into in the future than the gallery of rogues in the unlicensed market.

The fields you mention being empty are advertising CTAs intended to encourage players to sign-up with the operators we work with. As we do not work with any operators accepting US traffic, we do not display any operators in these fields. This also applies to other territories we won't work with like Australia and South Africa.

In actual fact, the easiest solution for us would be to simply restrict IP addresses from these 3 countries from accessing the site full stop. However, even though they can never be customers for us and won't make us money, I do still want to ensure we help players in these countries when they run into difficulty where were can.

If you're simply looking to see all the operators we list who accept US traffic you should got to this page - - and ensure that the US filter is on ;)


Re: Just a suggestion..

Posted: Wed Mar 14, 2018 3:32 pm
by EastonStone
Very much appreciated thoroughness in your prompt response. That figures.. Well suppose ill just have to wait until the folks running things see the dollar signs in their minds for online gambling and follow in New Jerseys footsteps in legislation. I was hoping there would be even one reputable US casino out there. Thus far even the top ones suggested by many a group ...similar to yours (only many so called recommended casinos are probably done so for some affiliate marketing scheme).. I've tried even the "best" US friendly such as're about as fair as my 9-10yr old nephew and niece when playing videogames with them). Sorry to put any opinion of any one casino. Like I had not before; I just hope people read this post and your succinct response and have some foreknowledge of these scammers easily preying US folks. Anyway. Thanks again...Hmm. Think ill move to Europe one day LOL

And thank you also for providing the list of casinos providing US traffic. Have a good day :) Duh. My bad on the US filter .. On.. Lol Early early when writing this post lol

Re: Just a suggestion..

Posted: Wed Mar 14, 2018 3:56 pm
by EastonStone
Lol.. Funny I thought the same thing when reviewing your reviews of a lot of the US friendly casinos.. 10/10 amazing customer service. But don't give them your money. LOL sorry. So off topic...