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Posh Friends Affiliates

Monitoring service for terms and conditions at affiliate programs.
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Posh Friends Affiliates

Postby thePOGG » Sun Aug 14, 2016 11:51 am

Posh Friends have made several changes to their affiliate contract:

PoshFriends Affiliates wrote:Current T&C can be changed any time without prior notification.
Affiliate program works on LastCookieWins basis.
Affiliate program reserves the right to hold Affiliate's account for public slander and insults towards the support and administration of the Affiliate program and / or projects.

PoshFriends Affiliates wrote:Affiliate program is obliged to pay lifetime commissions for all programs until the Partner fulfils his/her obligations and does not cause financial or reputational harm to Affiliate Program or its Projects.

PoshFriends Affiliates wrote:Affiliate program limits the use of branded traffic on the standard commission programs Branded traffic is considered to be the traffic generated by search queries containing the name of Affiliate program projects in various spellings, including mistype. If partners wish to send branded traffic, they are obliged to contact the support first and agree on working conditions. In the case of deliberate use of standard commission models for branded traffic and hiding this information, Affiliate Program reserves the right to suspend cooperation with Partner.

The third of these terms has direct implications for any affiliate posting review pages. By ranking in search engines for any brand related search term you potentially violate this term open yourself up to non-payment.
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Re: Posh Friends Affiliates

Postby thePOGG » Sat Jan 07, 2017 12:41 pm

Posh Friends have changed their revenue ladder:

Posh Friends Old Ladder wrote:NDPs Revenue Share %
0-5 40%
6-10 45%
11-20 50%
21-40 55%
41+ 60%

Posh Friends New Ladder wrote:NDPs Revenue Share %
0-15 25%
16-30 30%
31-50 35%
51-99 40%
100+ 45%

The above change represents a major change in revenue ladder. We don't have any functioning relationship with Posh Friends due to their Blacklisted status and as such won't be contacting them to confirm whether or not this will be retroactively applied, however this shift demonstrates a move away from what I personally would view as an absolutely unsustainable revenue ladder, so it would seem likely that this change will apply to historic referrals.


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