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Carat Partners

Monitoring service for terms and conditions at affiliate programs.
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Carat Partners

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Carat Partners have added a High Roller Policy:
Carat Partners wrote: 6.15 In any given month, if a referred customer generates a negative Net Revenue of €7 000 or more at any time (in which case, the customer shall be referred to as a "Big winner"), and your aggregated Net Revenue in that month for all Customers is negative €2 000 or more, then the negative Net Revenue generated by the Big Winner will be carried forward and offset against future Net Revenue generated by that BCig Winner until the negative balance for that Customer reaches zero.

6.15.1 The Big Winner balance carried forward is not set off against other Customers’ Net Revenue, only the Net Revenue generated by the Big Winner.

6.15.2 The Big Winner balance carried forward will not be greater than the total aggregate negative Net Revenue generated by your referred Customers during that month.

6.15.3 If more than one Big Winner is designated during the same calendar month, the aggregate negative balance carried forward will be split proportionally between them.

6.15.4 The Big Winner balance of a Big Winner will be reduced by future positive Net Revenue that the Big Winner generates in subsequent months. The Big Winner balance will not be increased by future negative Net Revenue unless the Big Winner meets the qualifying criteria to be classified as a Big Winner during the applicable month.

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