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Energy Casino Partners

Monitoring service for terms and conditions at affiliate programs.
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Energy Casino Partners

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Energy Casino Partners have improved their revenue ladder:
Energy Casino Partners Old Ladder wrote: NDPs Revenue Share %
0 player in the last 3 months 5%
0 15%
1-9 25%
10-49 30%
50-99 35%
100+ 40%
Energy Casino Partners New Ladder wrote: NDPs Revenue Share %
0 10%
1-3 20%
4-9 25%
10-19 30%
20-49 35%
50-99 40%
They have removed Negative Carry Over and introduced a High Roller policy:
Energy Casino Partners wrote: 6.2 No Negative Carry Over Policy
Applicable as of January 2017, on all approved affiliate accounts under Revenue Share or Commission structures based on Revenue Share rewards, the negative balance of a closed period will no longer be carried over to the next open period, however in order to make the No Negative Carry Over Policy available, Energy.Partners have had to introduce a Big Winner (also known as High Roller) Policy.

6.2.1 Big Winner Policy

The Big Winner Policy will come into effect when:

6.2.2 A player generates a negative Net Revenue balance of €5000 or more, on any product or game. In such a case the player will be considered to be a Big Winner (or High Roller).
6.2.3 The aggregate negative Net Revenue for the Affiliate is a greater than €2000 at the end of an open period.

6.2.4 If both of the criteria set from point 6.2.2 and 6.2.3 are met, the negative Net Revenue generated by the Big Winner will be isolated until the player becomes profitable for brands represented by Energy.Partners.
6.2.5 All players subject to the Big Winner Policy will be visible to Affiliates in the Customer Reports, within the Affiliate Platform. Such players will be set under a special reward plan called “Big Winner Policy”, further official notification will be not sent automatically, but Affiliates can request such notifications from their account managers on a monthly basis.
6.2.6 Any Big Winner Policy balance carried forward will not be set-off against other customers referred by the affiliate.
6.2.7 Progressive Jackpot Big Winners, for whom jackpot winnings are paid to the customers by third parties are excluded from the Big Winner Policy.
6.2.8 In the open period when a Big Winner customer surpasses his negative net revenue, the Affiliate will begin earning commission for that customer again automatically.
6.2.9 If there is more than one Big Winner, each Big Winner will carry forward his own negative balance.

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