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The Truth about Free Bingo Bonuses

Posted: Thu Aug 01, 2013 5:56 am
by anat
Hi all, i see free bingo bonuses all around so i thought i will give some information about it before you will run and deposit :)

You will find that there are tonnes of online bingo sites that offer their players free and no deposit bonuses – that way they can lure them in to trying their site out for size. Although this seems super – generous there are some pesky terms and conditions to adhere to when using the bonus cash. You know what they say – you get nothing for nothing!

First of all – unless detailed otherwise – generally you can only use free bonus cash on bingo games – so if you are a slots fan or you like a go on the table games that are commonly featured on bingo sites – you will need to part with real money we are afraid. So when you see a welcome or no deposit offer – be on the lookout for “free spins” etc – otherwise you will be confined to bingo games.
As well as the restriction to bingo – there can also be limitations as to which bingo games you can spend your bonus cash on too. For example some rooms are only open to funded members of the site – which means you wouldn’t be able to spend any no deposit cash in there until you made a deposit!

There are also wagering requirements that need to be met (make sure you check the small print!) – so if you do happen to get a win with your bonus cash – you need to have deposited a certain amount on the site before you can withdraw your winnings. This varies from site to site – so some can be better than others.

As you can see – the offer of a no deposit or hefty welcome bonus isn’t as exciting as it first may seem – so it’s important to make sure you are fully aware of this before you join (and more importantly – spend your money!)

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Posted: Thu Aug 01, 2013 4:56 pm
by thePOGG
Hey anat - welcome to the site!

You're completely right about Bingo bonuses - as with all types of online gambling bonus they come with strings attached. I believe, though I haven't confirmed this, that Bingo games in general carry a higher house edge than their casino game counterparts. As such, when a Bingo venue give out a bonus they don't want you to play it on casino games as, simply put, they'd make less money.

These sort of rules are what make it really important to always read the terms and conditions. If you're still not sure after reading the terms, pop onto the site and drop me a message over the Live Chat feature. I'll be more than happy to review the terms and let you know what I think.


Posted: Fri Aug 02, 2013 6:45 pm
by UK-21
anat wrote:. . . As you can see – the offer of a no deposit or hefty welcome bonus isn’t as exciting as it first may seem – so it’s important to make sure you are fully aware of this before you join (and more importantly – spend your money!)

Quite. I think offering "free" money in the way of no deposit bonuses is far more about encouraging people to get into the online gambling thing, and developing and/or reinforcing gaming/gambling behaviours in people, than it is to do with any great magnanimous sentiments in offering some free, no strings attached, entertainment. They're certainly not intended for people to walk away with something for nothing (ie withdraw the bonus or any winnings derived from it), although a few people do manage this.

And then there's the small matter of problem gambling . . . . it doesn't matter whether it's online bingo, online casino games, online poker, whatever, they're possibly not quite as bad as handing out free samples of heroin, but for a percentage of people who take up the offer it can turn out to be equally as destructive. Online gambling can be highly addictive, and for some people taking up the offer of a no deposit bonus for a little bit of fun, it can be the equivalent of taking the lid off Pandora's box. And once people have got the bug . . . . it can be down hill all the way.

Posted: Sat Aug 03, 2013 9:48 am
by thePOGG
I've got to be honest, while I know many of the more reputable brands offer the occasional no deposit bonus where a venue offers an abundance of these sorts of bonuses it's often a good indication of trouble ahead. This is somewhat demonstrated in the current casino reviews list. The casino at the top of the list will always receive priority when it comes to gaining exposure for their promotions and unlike many other sites, I actually find it difficult to find free spins or no deposit bonuses to promote. They do exist even at the more reputable casinos - especially the free spin offers - but they almost always are either a one of sign-up offer or they require real play to 'earn' the free spins you'll be rewarded with the next day.

Reputable brands tend not to need to offer a lot of freebies to get players through the door and they also know that no deposit offers often bring with them a high degree of non-legitimate players.

As to gambling addiction, I agree it's a serious issue, but I'm not quite as cynical as you. I was up until the point where I'd spent a good amount of time in actual brick and mortar casinos. While there I've seen a fair number of people that I would consider to have a gambling problem, though most often these people were also substantially intoxicated and I am forced to wonder whether if they were less drunk they'd be less likely to bet so irresponsibly. These people I consider to be mid-level on the scale of gambling problems - they are betting wildly enough and substantially higher than their visible bankroll could sustain, that it's likely that they're going to wake up the next day and regret the night before (once they remember it!!), but I didn't get the impression that these were players who were likely to come back the next night to try and 'win back' their losses so for me they're not full blown gambling addicts. I do think casinos should be more proactive in declining wagers from substantially intoxicated players (it is actually their legal responsibility, though it's obviously subjective what is considered to be too intoxicated). I've actually sat at a table with a guy so drunk he is struggling to stay on his seat and watched him double down on hard 20 after hard 20, which to my mind would be unarguably way past the point where he should have been asked to leave the table, but over all I don't have a huge issue with the play of some of these players. It's your choice to drink while you gamble, it only becomes the casino's responsibility - as it does the bar's/off license's - when you're clearly out of control.

And I have seen the occasional player that clearly has a more substantial problem, getting really wound up over any losses, but in general these players in my experience were backed off fairly quickly, if for no other reason that their anxiety discourages other players from engaging with the table. These players were a far rarer creature and as I said seemed to be identified fairly quickly.

In between the above players though, there were the far far larger group of players that were having a good time. Clearly not betting outside the ranges of that which they could afford and enjoying the atmosphere. These people are often out with groups of friends on nights out and the casino provides a relatively cheap excitement for them.

The online gambling industry does present some unique issues when it comes to problem gambling. How exactly do you know when a player's had to much to drink to control their wagering, or detect when a player's emotional state is one indicative of gambling addiction? Much more falls to the player to the player to impose 'self exclusions' and other similar policies. The problem with that is your player that has a high level issue is likely to be driven to gamble more win back what they've lost, so even in the moments of regret are unlikely to exclude themselves. And even if they do, there are another thousand venues out there that they're not excluded at that they can reach just as quickly when the devil starts needling their shoulder. The online industry is failing these players, but in saying that I don't see a realistic way of protecting them in this environment.

As with any vice, you're always going to have people who can't or don't control their intake and end up in trouble. Personally I'm not a big supporter of any forms of prohibitions, primarily because I'm too big a fan of vices myself :p I think life would be pretty boring without sex, intoxicants or gambling. I just don't agree with everybody being told they can't do something due to a relatively small proportion that can't engage responsibility. That said I still feel we should do whatever we can to protect that vulnerable group from themselves.

Sorry, this has gone way off topic and is just random rambling about the topic, it doesn't have a defined point lol.

Posted: Sat Aug 03, 2013 4:16 pm
by UK-21
Yes . . . . I'm very cynical when it comes to operators and how they discharge their duty of care and "protect the vulnerable". Have a read of this . . .


Let's take just one issue - self exclusion. A very simple, and relatively low cost route to making this work really well in the UK would be to have everyone wishing to use the services of a highstreet bookmaker group register their fingerprints using one of these new reader gadgets (similar to the ones built into laptops now) before they could make a bet. If someone went down the self-exclusion route, and registered their SE on the fingerprint database, they'd never be able to place a bet with the operator concerned. This could be extended to a global DB covering all ABB members in the UK - a bit like the one the insurance industry has for motor claims histories. The cost of installing this technology in your local bookmaker's office would be negligible, compared to what offices took in the way of FOBT profits. Chances of something along these lines happening? Answers on a postcard please.

I read a great story not too long ago about someone who lost their temper having lost a bundle on a FOBT in a local bookies and proceeded to smash it to bits (beyond any hope of repair). He got a ban for just a week. Why just a week? That's how long it took to get a replacement machine installed, after which he was welcome to return and play it - apparently his average weekly losses were more than the £700 replacement cost of the unit. Still, he was banned . . . .

With regard to one of your points, I've seen highstreet names offering the equivalent of a no-deposit bonus - my local Paddy Power was offering 50 free spins on their roulette games to "new" customers, Sky are offering a tenner - so it's not just the second division players in the market. Nobody wants to be missing out on their share of the new punters coming online (if you forgive the pun).

As to the casino rats who've had a few too many . . . . yep, have seen it all myself. I do have some sympathy though as some of them (regardless of how much they may have had to drink) have quite obviously got problems and shouldn't have been allowed onto the gaming floor. Still, their money's as good as everyone else's - once it's in the table's cashbox.

Chin chin.

Posted: Sat Aug 10, 2013 3:35 am
by mister_blackjack
no deposit bonuses can bring in low quality players but it does get more players joining a website they might have otherwise never have joined.

Posted: Sat Aug 10, 2013 12:29 pm
by UK-21
mister_blackjack wrote:no deposit bonuses can bring in low quality players but it does get more players joining a website they might have otherwise never have joined.

What's your definition of a "low quality player"?

Posted: Tue Aug 20, 2013 12:41 am
by mister_blackjack
Well more from the business point of view. If you offer free cash then you attract the players that want freebies. Don't get me wrong I love these bonuses myself just as much as the next person but as a business model for the bingo site maybe they have to do it to compete but it attracts players that are looking more for free money and don't have much of an intention of depositing. On bingo sites it seems more normal but for casinos they are less common and you see many white labels offering it as a means to attract players.

Posted: Tue Aug 20, 2013 11:18 am
by thePOGG
I'd also point out that No Deposit Bonuses tend to cause operators a lot of problems in terms of both fraudulent accounts and players not reading terms and conditions. Currently going through the RTG casinos generating reviews and doing the background research on these venues, it's truly amazing how many players fail to read the terms and shout and scream when they can't withdraw all their win because of a win cap, play an excluded game or claim multiple NDB without any deposits in between (normally excluded).

I feel that casinos that otherwise have a bad rep tend to overuse NDBs to get players through the door, but in general it seems to just create more complaints, which damages the rep even more and you enter into this negative cycle.

Posted: Fri Sep 06, 2013 6:54 am
by thePOGG
edwarddyball wrote:However, you need to make sure the site in you are playing is safe and secure.

Hi edwarddyball - welcome to!

I could not agree with you more about this - though I'd stress that finding a safe venue to play with should be the #1 priority for a gambler in any field when they are looking to play online.

Looking forward to chatting to you on the boards!