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Game Tech Group - flat betting is an illegal betting strategy

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Game Tech Group - flat betting is an illegal betting strategy

Postby thePOGG » Wed Mar 21, 2018 4:12 pm

We have other threads detailing the many sins of the Game Tech Group but this particular complaint is another that is so significant I feel it needs highlighting on it own.

GameTech Group properties carry a term prohibiting the use of 'betting systems' like the Martingale progression both in and outside bonus play. Firstly these terms are utter non-sense. There's no sound mathematical reason to prohibit them. The House Edge cannot be overcome in this manner and players using these strategies ultimately lose. I'm also fairly confident that this type of term - outside of bonus play - would not be considered valid under EU law based on similar reviews we've had done of similar terms from this group. But the story gets a lot darker than just a stupid term that may not be valid......

We have a player who has played Roulette and bet the same amount on a single number each spins. This is being classified by the operator as a 'betting system' and they are refusing to pay the win. If flat betting on a single number can be considered a betting system, every player who ever places a bet can be viewed as in breach of this term.

This operator simply does not want to pay winners in our opinion and will warp their already atrocious rules to try and justify not doing so.


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