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betting techniques at the wrong times....

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betting techniques at the wrong times....

Postby lacaca » Sat Apr 13, 2019 8:55 am

I'm in the middle of reading 'Whale Hunt in the Desert' by Deke Castleman and an interesting thought occurred to me.

The book is about high roller hosting in the offline casino world and gives fair details on the 'credit line' system that many hosts use to entice their biggest players to walk through the door. It also gives a lot of examples of a who has player has tapped out their credit line and basically begs to have it extended. Now to clarify, in most normal situations these players are good for vastly more than their credit line and the host simple has to make a decision on whether they psychologically can withstand a further loss and still come back for more - better to bleed the player over the course of many years at a level that's not a problem to the player than to burn the player out in one catastrophic session of play that could do real damage to the players life. Unusually convergent in terms of both ethics and bottom line for the casinos, what's good for the player is usually the right decision.
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Re: betting techniques at the wrong times....

Postby thePOGG » Sat Apr 13, 2019 1:16 pm

Being familiar with the book I'd agree with you up to a point. The description of hosting is to my mind amoral. Where the hosts act in a fashion that is in the interests of the player they do so to preserve the lifespan of the player (i.e. they feel that they can get more from the individual in the long run than they'd stand to make in a single blow out session). But, based on my recollection, there's also a fair emphasis placed on the host keeping an eye on the player's overall financial position and making a judgement call as to whether to just let the player go down in flames if they're not going to last much longer.

These guys act as if they are the player's friend and convince the player they are friends, but their interest ultimately is simply in how much wealth they can extract from the player and at the end of the day if they see a bigger profit margin in encouraging you to do something really harmful that's exactly what they are going to do.


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