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Casino War Review

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One of the simplest games offered in any casino, Casino War can be hugely entertaining game that will take you seconds to learn! It is known by many names including War and Battle Cards, but the rules are always the same.

You place a bet and then a single card is dealt to both you and the dealer. If your card is the highest you win and are paid even money on your bet (if you bet $100 you’d win $100). If the dealer’s card is higher you lose. Aces are counted as high.

The only exception to this is when both you and the dealer are dealt the same value of card. When that happens you have 2 options; Surrender or Go To War! Surrendering means that you give up half of your bet and the game is over. If you Go To War, you have to place a second wager equal to the first, then three cards are burned (put straight into the discard tray) and the player and dealer are each dealt a second card. This round is resolved in exactly the same way as the first, with the higher card winning. However if the player wins, only their first wager is paid, the second is simply returned. If the player and dealer happen to draw the same rank of card a second time it is treated as a player win, with some casinos even offering a bonus payout when this happens.

Not unusually for casino card games, there is a side bet offered when playing Casino War. You can choose to place a Tie bet. This bet wins if both the player and dealer’s cards are the same and pays 10 to 1 (if you bet $100 you’d win $1000).

As with all card games in the casino, there is a ‘best’ strategy that will minimize the amount the casino will win in the long run. In the case of Casino War, the best strategy is to always Go To War when given the option.

Casino War is offered at almost every online casino, so why don’t you head over to our Recommended Casinos list, sign-up to one of the best online casinos available and have a go at this great game.

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