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Pontoon Review

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This game is provided by Slotty Vegas

Pontoon is a widely available variant of Blackjack which is different enough to the original game that it warrants a strategy page to itself. It should be noted that the name Pontoon is often used in Australia to describe a different game, which we call Spanish 21.

The specific differences in the rules are

  • Blackjack (and A and a ten value card) pays 2:1 rather than 3:2
  • All pushes – when the player and dealer finish on the same total – are considered losses for the player
  • Both of the dealers cards are face down until after all the players have completed their hand
  • Any 5 card unbusted hand is paid at 2:1
  • Players can split of double split Aces
  • A split Ace that receives a ten value card is considered a Blackjack and paid at 2:1
  • Players can hit after doubling
  • Players can double on 3 and 4 card hands
  • The dealer peaks for Blackjack before the player plays and the round is automatically ended if the dealer has Blackjack
  • The player must continue to take cards until they have a total of 15 or more.

There are a few terminology differences – Blackjack is referred to as ‘Pontoon’, if you want to hit you press the ‘Twist’ button, double is the ‘Buy’ button and stand is the ‘Stick’ button.

As with Blackjack, there is an optimal strategy for Pontoon that will ensure that you lose less in the longrun which you can find at below;

Player’s Hand Number of Cards in Player’s Hand
2 3 4
4-8 T T B
9 T B B
10 B B B
11 B B B
12 T T B
13 T T B
14 T T B
15 S S B
16 S S B
17 S S T
18+ S S S
A2 S S B
A3 S S B
A4 S S B
A5 S S B
A6 S S B
A7 S S B
A8 S B B
A9 S B B
88 P
T Twist
S Stick
B Buy
Bs Buy else Stand

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