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Slots Review

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In the modern gambling environment slots games are the staple diet of the majority of casino goers. This is even more pronounced in the online marketplace where the vast majority of players will play solely slots games.

Slots games are the most basic form of gambling on offer today. You put your money in the machine, press spin and the results of your bet are shown after the reels spin. It’s unusual for the player to have to make any decisions or strategy adjustments after the initial spin.

In their most basic form slots games usually function and either 3 or 5 reels of symbols. There can be variations in the number or layout of the reels and the number and type of symbols on any single reel will vary substantially even within the same game. When the player places a wager, the reels spin and when they come to rest if there are matching symbols fitting a specific pattern – usually falling on some pre-defined line (called a payline) – the player will win a defined amount.

To keep slots games interesting various game designers have started to introduce different types of bonus feature. With the better game designers these features are generally tied into the theme of the game and can offer some more engaging game play. Some of the more common bonus features are detailed below;

Scatter symbols – these are symbols that do not have to fall on a payline to award a prize. Instead there will usually be a specific number of them, normally 2 or 3, that if you receive anywhere on any reels will award a payout. These symbols are often also used to trigger other bonus features.

Wild symbols – these are symbols that can behave as any symbol if they’ll create a winning combination. Generally wild symbols will not replace Scatter symbols, but there are exceptions to this rule.

Free Spins – this type of bonus feature is often triggered when you receive a certain number of Scatter symbols, though there are other trigger methods including random triggering and banking specific results over cumulative spins. Free Spins are exactly what the name suggests, a defined number of spins that you do not have to place any bets to make. Again generally, free spins will be played at the bet size of the spin that triggered the bonus feature.

Pick Feature – When this type of feature is triggered you’re generally taken to a new screen showing some object which you can select from. The number of objects you can select and the prizes that can be won will vary from game to game and bonus to bonus.

While most slots games do not involve any strategy to play, they all still conform to the standard of having a built in House Edge. Unlike card and table games, traditionally casinos have been reluctant to reveal this information to players. In recent years however most of the major online slots providers have been publishing this information in their game help files. You can find more information about the House Edge of slots games in our Slots Review section.

There are a small number of slots games that require some level of player strategy to minimise the House Edge. We are currently working on deriving these strategies and will publish them in the near future.

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