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Texas Hold ‘Em Bonus Review

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This game is provided by Slotty Vegas

Texas Hold ‘Em Bonus is a hugely popular recent addition to the casino poker game selection (casino poker games are played against the casino rather than other players). Based on the phenomenally successful poker variant, if you’ve ever played poker with friends or online before you’re likely to already be familiar with the basics of this game.

After placing an initial Ante bet, the player and dealer are dealt two cards the player then has the option to ‘Play’ or ‘Fold’.

If the player wishes to fold they lose their Ante bet otherwise to continue and Play the hand, they put out an additional bet twice the size of the Ante and three cards are dealt in the middle of the table face up (known as community cards).

The player then makes a hand using both his down cards and the three community cards and has to decide whether they want to raise or stand. If they decide to raise, they have to place another wager equal to their Ante bet out, if they stand no more money is put on the table. Either way a 4th community card is dealt called ‘The Turn’.

Once again the player is given the option to raise or stand then a 5th community card is dealt called ‘The River’.

Once all five community cards are on the table the dealer turns over his 2 face down cards. Both the player and the dealer make the best possible 5 card hand that they can make using the cards in their respective hands and the community cards. Then the best hand wins.

Different wins pay different bets place. If the dealer wins, all bets lose. If the player wins with a hand weaker than a straight only the Play and Raise bets pay 1:1, the Ante bet is returned. If the player wins with a Straight or better, all bets are paid at 1:1. If the dealer and player tie, all bets are returned to the player.

There is one other possible bet at a Texas Hold ‘Em Bonus table, simply referred to as the ‘Bonus Bet’. The Bonus Bet is paid out base only on the player and dealer 2 card hands, the community cards have no effect on this wager. The table below shows the different payouts for player/dealer hand combinations.

  • Player AA & Dealer AA 1000:1
  • AA 30:1
  • Suited AK 25:1
  • Suited AJ, AQ 20:1
  • Unsuited AK 15:1
  • Pair of Js to Ks 10:1
  • Unsuited AJ, AQ 5:1
  • Pair of 2s to 10s 3:1

Even taking into consideration the huge pay out for both the player and dealer having a pair of Aces, this is a truly awful wager for the player, with a huge house advantage! This is the most common paytable found online and while it isn’t the best even with the most generous paytables, you’re likely to lose your stake very quickly playing this bet.

The best strategy for the main game of Texas Hold ‘Em Bonus is far too complex for this article to detail. To find out more about optimum strategy see our sister site – Texas Hold ‘Em Bonus.

So get to the tables and find out why everyone’s going crazy for this casino poker game!