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Three Card Second Chance Review

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Three Card 2nd Chance is a Three Card Poker variant offered exclusively by Wagerworks casinos. It’s great fun to play and unanimously this site’s reviewer’s favourite game to play.

There are two different bets while playing Three Card 2nd Chance, the Ante/2nd Chance bet and the Best Hand Bonus bet. We’ll look at the Ante/2nd Chance bet first. The player places an Ante bet and then both the player and the dealer are dealt 3 cards, player’s face up, dealer’s face down.

The player then has the option – unlike Three Card Poker – to discard their hand and replace it. If the player wants to discard their hand they have to place a 2nd Chance bet of the same size as the Ante bet, then they will be dealt three new cards. After the player has either stuck with their original 3 cards or placed a 2nd Chance bet, the dealer’s cards are revealed. If the dealer has Queen high or less, the dealer’s cards are replace by a second hand and then the final hands of the player and dealer are compared.

If the dealer’s hand is stronger, the player loses all bets. If the dealer’s hand ties the players, all bets are returned. If the dealer’s hand is weaker, both the player’s wagers are paid according to the paytable below;

  • Straight Flush 6:1
  • Three of a Kind 4:1
  • Straight 3:2
  • All other wins 1:1

The Best Hand Bonus bet is where Three Card 2nd Chance gets really interesting however as unusually for a side bet, it’s actually a better wager for the player than the main game. To play the Best Hand Bonus bet, you have to play the main bet as well and the maximum you are allowed to bet is twice the amount wagered on the Ante bet.

The outcome of this bet is decided by the best hand on the table at the end of the game. If either the player or the dealer has a Flush or better at the end of the game, the Best Hand Bonus bet is paid according to the following paytable;

  • Three Aces 35:1
  • Straight Flush 15:1
  • Three of a Kind 12:1
  • Straight 3:1
  • Flush 2:1

Only the best hand is paid, so if the dealer has a Straight and the Player has a Straight Flush, only the Straight Flush is paid. This bet leads to some very unusual situation where the player loses the Ante/2nd Chance bet but wins overall due to the Best Hand Bonus bet. For example the player places an Ante bet of £25 and a Best Hand Bonus bet of £50. The player is dealt the king of hearts, jack of hearts and 2 of spades and stands. The dealer is then dealt the 8 of spades, 3 of clubs and 2 of diamonds, discards the hand and is dealt the 4, 5 and 6 of clubs (a straight flush). The dealer wins the Ante/2nd Chance bet so the player loses those, but the player wins the Best Hand Bonus bet as the best hand on the table is a Straight Flush. The player loses £25 on the Ante bet and wins £750 on the Best Hand Bonus. So even though the player lost the hand they made money overall.

Even more interesting is the situation where the two top hands are drawn. Say the player has again played £10 on the Ante, £20 on the Best Hand Bonus and changed their hand so they have a further £10 on the 2nd Chance Bet. This time on their second draw they’re dealt 3 Aces, and then when the dealer’s cards are revealed they have a Straight Flush. The Straight Flush beats the 3 Aces for the Ante/2nd Chance bet losing the player £20, but the best hand on the table as far as the Best Hand Bonus bet is concerned is the 3 Aces and so pays the £20 bet at 35:1, a win of £700! Overall the player makes a profit of £680 on the hand.

The optimal strategy for this game was calculated by the team over at and is as follows. You should always place the maximum Best Hand Bonus bet that you are allowed and should change all hands unsuited AK2 or weaker.

This game comes with The POGG’s highest recommendations. It’s great fun, exciting and at times down right chaotic! Treat yourself and give it a bash, we’re sure you’ll enjoy it as much as we have.

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