Video Poker – Megajacks Review

Screen shots of the games


Megajacks is a Video Poker game that is based on Jacks or Better and changes the paytable to award a Progressive Jackpot when a player is playing 5 coins and receives a Royal Flush.

We have found only found Megajacks being offered online at casinos using Playtech software.

As with all Video Poker games, it’s important to learn to use the correct strategy when playing Megajacks to make sure that playing costs you as little as possible. As such we’d strongly recommend that you use our Megajacks Strategy Trainer. The strategy trainer will let you play the hand and tell you if you played correctly. If you didn’t it will tell you the correct play and how much your mistake cost you. It also records your accuracy over your entire playing session and you can save your results to your account (if you’re logged in) so you can tell how you’re progressing. You can also modify the paytable of the strategy trainer so that you learn the correct strategy for the version of the Megajacks you’re going to be playing.

Below we’ve included the 5 coin paytables and House Edge for the Megajacks game that we’ve found online;