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Video Poker Review

Screen shots of the games


Video Poker is one of the most popular and widely available casino games in the offline casino market. It combines aspects of a table card game – using cards and offering the player strategy based decisions – with slots games – allowing the player to play by themselves at a computerized terminal without interacting with dealers or other players. Alongside these factors the high volatility that comes with offering big jackpot prizes is appealing to many players. Video Poker games usually offer a top win that is substantially higher than games like Blackjack or Roulette, but more frequently occurring than the top payouts in most slots games.

As the name would suggest, Video Poker is a poker based game that has its roots in 5 card draw. The normal Video Poker game will deal the player 5 cards, allow the player to select cards to keep and cards to replace and then pay out if the player receives a final hand that is shown on the game paytable.

Most Video Poker games use a coin system, allowing a different number of coins to be played depending on the player’s preference and changing the paytable to reflect the number of coins being played. In generally playing anything less than 5 coins is detrimental to the player, though there are games that require the player to play more than 5 coins to gain access to the best paytable and other games that offer proportional changes to the paytable with more coins played (i.e. all coin choices are equal for the player).

The most common type of Video Poker game offered – Jacks or Better – is played with a single standard deck of 52 cards, however Video Poker is one of the most frequently varied games on the market today with literally hundreds of different varieties and it’s far from uncommon to find games that add in an additional one or two jokers, change one of the ranks to play as wild (that rank of card can be considered any card for the purposes of making a hand) or even additional cards that fulfil other rolls.

In more recent years we’ve also seen the addition of various game variations that fundamentally change the basic game. These games take standard games like Jacks Or Better or Deuces Wild and allow the player to wagering additional coins in exchange for additional benefits. Examples of this would be Quick Quads, where when the player plays the 6th coin when they receive a 3 of a Kind hand and the other 2 cards sum to the rank of the 3 of a Kind, they are paid as 4 of a Kind or UltimateX where by playing additional funds any winning hand will result in a multiplier being applied to any win on the next hand.

I’m not going to try and discuss all Video Poker games here, but I will provide individual pages on all games currently offered online and several offer offline;

Standard Video Poker games;

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