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Auditing Service

ThePOGG Auditing service offers operators the opportunity to have one of our highly experienced team members review all aspects of the product you are offering, providing detailed feedback on a wide scope of factors that could be detrimentally impacting your ability to convert players, retain players and protect your operation against bonus abuse and potentially reputational damage from unnecessary player complaints. This also ensure that you know what to do to ensure that your casino review ends up listed as one of our best online casinos.

Given the huge number of operators that our team has reviewed and the unequalled level of detail that is put into the reviews presented on ThePOGG, we are uniquely placed in the industry to give you a player’s eye view highlighting the areas of concern before any related issues can arise and damage your reputation in the industry.

  • Why should we request an Audit?

    Our reviewing team spends more time looking at your product and website than the majority of players or indeed owners will. We are focused on ensuring that only the best operators receive traffic from us.

    Ultimately, only a little more than 1 in 10 of the operators that request a review from our service end up receiving a positive status with this site. In a large number of instances, where an operator is listed as Not Recommended, this is due to basic failures that could be easily addressed.

    By requesting an Audit you will receive a detailed report BEFORE your review is published. This report will allow you to take on board constructive feedback and address issues before they are highlighted in a review. It will also go into far more depth and provide feedback that would not otherwise be covered within the review.

  • What does the Audit report include?

    Our Audit reports are substantive documents that provide feedback on a wide array of topics. Some of the included focuses are as follows:

    • A full review of General Terms and Conditions, including: structure, layout, clarity and several key controversial terms that are known to impair the reputation of operators.
    • A full review of Welcome Bonus Terms and Conditions with a focus on clear, understandable terms and ensuring that your terms cover important areas that are going to prevent you experiencing significant volumes of bonus abuse.
    • An appraisal of your site design and user interface addressing areas such as: how easily your site is navigated; whether players can find important information quickly and easily; whether you have ensured that commonly looked for information is easily accessible (this should reduce the burden on your Customer Support team freeing up resources to be utilised in a more effective manner).
    • A focus on locating any contradictory information on your site – this is an area that is often overlooked due to the time constraints operators are subject to. It is a common occurrence for our review team to find out-of-date or starkly contradictory information on operator's websites. These sorts of errors, while largely mundane clerical oversights, can become very costly when player complaints arise, often resulting in damaging financial implications and a taint on your good reputation.
    • A review of your page load times and a report citing any dead links that may be damaging player experience on your site. While our Audit is not intended to provide any form of Search Engine Optimization we are aware that dead links and slow loading pages significantly diminish user experience and we will provide feedback relating to these areas.

    The above is a very abbreviated version of what our Audit comprises. The resultant report is likely to be 15-25 pages in length. To see a full exemplar of our Audit report click here.

    It should be noted that while we will look to provide advice/guidance on clarification of specific terms as and where necessary, if your terms have clearly been written by a non-native English speaker or there are other significant issues we will not engage in redrafting entire term documents for you.

  • Will we get better placement/more exposure/more traffic if we agree to an Audit?

    ThePOGG has never and will never improve a properties positions based on a financial transaction. That said, if upon receiving the Audit feedback your operation takes appropriate action to rectify any issues within a reasonable time frame, these changes will represent an improvement in the service you offer and subsequently will improve the review rating you receive. Over and above this, where you have addressed issues you have demonstrated a willingness to listen to constructive feedback and opened a channel of communication that is optimal for a positive relationship - again this will be reflected positively in your published review.

    Beyond the obvious improvement in user experience for your players, acting on the constructive feedback provided demonstrates a forward-thinking approach and a commitment to providing the best service for your players. For these reasons you will qualify for the following advantages:

    • An increase in starting Trustworthiness score from 6 to 7. This, presuming no unresolved player issues, reduces the length of time that is required to move on to the Recommended list from 1 year to 6 months.
    • The right to display ‘ThePOGG Audited’ seal. This seal demonstrates to players your commitment to providing the highest quality service. To be allowed to use the ThePOGG Audited seal you will have to link back to your Audit Report.
    • A maximum Trustworthiness stat of 9/10 rather than 8/10 (without applying for and receiving our Deposit Guarantee seal).
  • Will our Audit Report be published?

    Only with your consent, though it should be noted that to receive any of the above mentioned additional benefits, including use of the Audit seal, publication is required.

    The Audit report is intended to highlight strengths as well as problem areas and allow a responsive operator to demonstrate their flexibility and willingness to integrate feedback into their operation. Where an operator has actioned the feedback provided, the resulting Audit Report will be a very positive document.

    If you decide not to action the feedback the Audit Report provides or you feel that you are unhappy with the final report you can decline permission to publish the report, but this will void the additional benefits (increase in Trustworthiness stat, increased Trustworthiness stat cap and permission to use ThePOGG Audited seal) that come with the Audit.

    All applicants should be aware that where permission to publish the Audit Report is declined, the report will still be kept on file and may be subsequently referenced if an issue highlighted within the report results in a player complaint. We also retain the right to reference the fact that an Audit was conducted but the highlighted issues were not addressed within any subsequent review.

  • My property already has a review, can we still request an Audit?

    While our Auditing process is primarily intended to help new casinos address the small details that can create big problems if not addressed, we are more than happy to accept requests from operators who already have reviews published on our site. This type of request is likely to be specifically helpful in situations where you are:

    • Looking to improve your standing with ThePOGG.
    • Implementing a re-design of your own site.
    • Have a negative status with ThePOGG and would like detailed feedback on the actions you could take to rectify this.
  • How much does an Audit cost?

    The current price of an Audit is £2500.

    If your program represents more than one property under the same ownership, while some of the feedback provided will be relevant to all properties (for instance if all properties use the same terms and conditions) other feedback will not. The workload implications at our end are not linear and if you are looking for a multi-property Audit you should contact us at [email protected] to discuss package deals. We do not provide specifics here as an assessment of workload will have to be made before we can assign a cost. Note : If you email through for a basic review on this address your email will be marked as spam and you will receive no response. This address is only for those groups interested in an Audit and is not a queue jumping opportunity.

  • When and how are Audit fees paid?

    All Audit fees must be paid after the Audit has been completed but before the Audit Report is handed over to you. The relevant invoice will be provided to you at the due time.

    You can pay fees by Neteller or Bank Transfer.

  • How long does an Audit take?

    The length of time that we will spend on an Audit varies significantly from operator to operator but will generally involve 12-20 hours of work on our part.

    We will attempt to ensure that all Audits will be completed within 2 weeks of a submitted and accepted application, however this is subject to the volume of requests at any given time.

  • How do I apply for an Audit?

    You can request an Audit by emailing us at [email protected]. Note : If you email through for a basic review on this address your email will be marked as spam and you will receive no response. This is not a queue jumping opportunity.

  • What happens if during the Auditing process you find problems that you cannot reasonably expect us to fix?

    If during the Auditing process we come across issues that would prevent your properties from obtaining positive status with ThePOGG and we believe that there is no reasonable possibility of you being able to address them (for instance, where we find an operator to be running on a Blacklisted software provider, or to have a large number of unaddressed players issues) we will withhold the Audit report, notify you of our conclusion and no fee will be charged.

  • Are there any circumstances where you would decline to provide an Audit?

    Yes. If we believe that problems exist with your operation that either are not fixable or that we, in our considered opinion, do not believe you are going to be open to discussion of then we will decline an application for an Audit. We have no interest in charging you for a product that we know in advance you will not benefit from.

    We will also decline to Audit any site that is not available in the English language.

    Of course we also retain the right to decline any Audit application for any reason at any time without providing explanation.

  • We’ve read our Audit report and we don’t want to fix the issues highlighted. Can we get our money back?

    We take every effort to ensure that you are aware of the product you will receive in advance of your purchase, including providing an exemplar report (which you can find here). By the time our report is prepared our team has invested significant time in the preparation of said report. As such after receipt of the document the fee is non-refundable regardless of the action you choose to take, or not take as the case may be.

  • Testimonials

    • Trada Casino - "The level of detail in ThePOGG's Audit Report is second to none. I knew from the beginning that this would be an extremely useful service, but I can happily say it has surpassed my expectations.

      A pair of fresh eyes was exactly what we needed. The audit reported on items such as brand identity, player experience and site speed, while delving into individual terms, FAQ's and how we present information to customers.

      Following receipt of this report, we made over twenty changes to The most valuable learning from the audit was in relation to how we present information, the feedback helped us to optimise our FAQ's section, present more relevant information in more accessible places and improve the user journey in general. I would highly recommend this service to other operators in the industry. "

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