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Property Name : SlotJoint Casino

Property URL :

Date of Audit : 30/12/2015


Site Design

  • Is the site design attractive and engaging?


  • Logo is located in a prime position so that brand recognition is developed – customers can clearly identify that they have in fact come through to the correct site.

  • The site homepage is colourful and not too busy which allows for easy identification of the sections players may be interested in locating. The design appears to be targeting the young male demographic through its representation of women. While this may have been a conscious marketing decision it has the potential to alienate another lucrative sector of the gambling market – namely females. Though women outnumber men in the design (8 to 2), their appearance is somewhat sexulized. Comprising around 43% of the online gambling market (a sector that is growing year on year) this is a significant sector of the market and it may be worth considering whether any marketing material could be off-putting to this group.

  • Sensible colour schemes are in place so that text stands out from the background facilitating a positive customer experience.


  • Is the site easy to navigate and does it encourage flow?


  • The tabs along the top of the homepage (Games, Welcome Bonus, SlotJoint’s Rewards Club, Mobile, About Us) are not the most useful sections to have such prominent positions. Specifically players will naturally look to this menu to find Contact Details which are completely absent. If space is a constraint here, we would suggest moving the ‘About Us’ tab to the footer of the page to allow for the addition of a ‘Contact Us’ tab. Alternatively a mouse over effect could be used to provide drop down menus presenting more information to the user. This would be particularly useful with the ‘Games’ tab, allowing the user to select the specific type of game they are looking for. Another use for this type of feature would be to provide further information, using the drop down to link to the ‘General Bonus Section’ and ‘Promotional Terms and Conditions’ alongside the ‘Welcome Bonus’. Better use could be made of the tabs in order to promote a more positive customer experience – this may well lighten the load on Customer Support improving their performance as will be expanded upon later in this report.

    • Action Taken - Thank you for your feedback. Changes made. Including drop down for easier navigation for contact us, games, terms etc.


  • Does the design interfere with accessing the features or information on site?


  • The site design is largely positive - sensible plain fonts have been employed throughout to allow for clarity and similarly wise choices regarding the colour schemes used for backgrounds and fonts have been made.


  • Are there any features that are a barrier to positive user experience?


  • A small glitch occurred when I used the Live Chat feature – after I had terminated the exchange and left my feedback the dialogue box would not close down – the cross in the top right had disappeared and it stayed on the screen despite me opening other sections of the site. Eventually to get rid of it I had to refresh my browser (Google Chrome) or leave the SlotJoint site and go back on to it. Small glitches like this can be cumulative in effect meaning that customers can become frustrated and a negative experience is not conducive to return custom.

    • Action Taken - change made. We changed the colour of this to a darker pink. It is a bit of a colour mismatch but corrects the issue.


  • Are there any broken links?


  • Using Xenu Link Sleuth we identified a number of link issues on the SlotJoint site. Mostly these issues appear to be technical appearing to create an issue for the spider, not for users, however it would be worth reviewing and addressing any problems to prevent any detrimental impact to SEO efforts. A full report is included as an attachment with the Audit Report.

    • This is related to our wordpress blog installed on a subfolder. We are planning to start an SEO effort sometime in the summer and will look into it then.


  • Is site load time acceptable?


  • Using Pingdom we received the below results. These loading times are on the slow side, especially that for the home page. That said, Pingdom is not always 100% accurate and our manual testing on both desktop and mobile has been fine.

    Google Developers tool suggests that caching could be improved and gives some insight into this -

RequestsAverage Load TimeFaster than % of all sites tested


  • Action Taken - Pending CDN setup (cloudflare).


  • Are there any notable issues varying between Chrome, Firefox and Mobile (Android) browsers?


  • No notable issues found. The design of the site when accessed via mobile was a particular strength: attractive, quick to load and easy to navigate.


Contact Information

  • Are company details provided in the footer of the site and in the Terms and Conditions?


  • The company’s postal address is given in the Terms and Conditions and the footer of the site.


  • Is contact information easy to find and provided in a variety of mediums?


  • SlotJoint offer an email form, email address, telephone number and Live Chat support. This information is available in the footer of most pages, but it would be an improvement to have a ‘Contact’ or ‘Support’ tab in the main menu.

    • Action Taken - Change made. Added a support tab to top navigation menu.


License Information

  • Are the relevant licensing bodies clearly displayed on the homepage and referenced within the Terms and Conditions?


  • Information regarding license provider and jurisdiction are clearly given in the Terms and Conditions. Emoore licensing seal with functioning link can be found displayed on the homepage.


  • Do the license seal(s)/text link to the correct locations to authenticate the license?


  • The seal on the homepage links correctly to the Emoore license information but there is no hyperlink included in the Terms and Conditions to take customers to this information.

    • Action Taken - Change made. Hyper link added to T&C.


  • Is the operator's complaint policy clearly laid out within the Terms and Conditions?


  • Inadequate guidelines as to SlotJoint’s complaints policy is detailed in the Terms and Conditions. In the event of a complaint a customer should have clearly outlined steps to follow in order to obtain a satisfactory conclusion for both parties. In the first instance they should be directed towards Customer Support and if this fails to satisfy their needs the complaint should be escalated to Casino Management. If this too fails then they should be encouraged to seek advice from the license provider or appropriate Alternative Dispute Resolution service.

    • Action Taken - Complaints policy added to terms and conditions including the addition of several Alternative Dispute Resolution options.


  • Is sufficient information made available to allow players to contact the licensor in case of player issues?


  • Yes.


Financial Information


  • Are the various deposit methods clearly laid out for players (without logging in) and has the operator kept the list of offered deposit methods up-to-date?


  • In the Help 24/7 button displayed on the SlotJoint homepage under the F.A.Q. tab it states: “We offer nearly all deposit options including, credit cards, debit cards, Ukash, Instadebit, bank transfers and prepaid cards.” This list should be updated to include all available deposit methods and ideally a section of the site should be created and linked to in the main menu or footer menu to give players information about the banking methods available.

    • Action Taken - Change made. Link added.


  • Are withdrawal methods clearly laid out for players (without logging in)?


  • Some withdrawal methods are mentioned in the Withdrawals section of the Terms and Conditions but we could not locate an area of the site where they were all given together – again as with deposit methods this should be available to customers fully and completely without the need for login and it would be a significant improvement to have a site section that details this information.

    • Action Taken - Withdrawal section added to the site.


  • Are withdraw times, maximum and minimum allowed withdrawals detailed for each payment method?


  • Some withdrawal methods are mentioned in the Withdrawals section of the Terms and Conditions but we could not locate an area of the site where they were all given together – again as with deposit methods this should be available to customers fully and completely without the need for login and it would be a significant improvement to have a site section that details this information.

    • Action Taken - Change made by adding deposit/withdrawal page.


  • Are associated withdrawal fees made obvious to users?


  • If no withdrawal fees are charged as it specifies in the F.A.Q. section then yes. If you do in fact charge withdrawal fees for some methods then this will require attention to update the information.

    • Action Taken - Change made by adding deposit/withdrawal page.


  • If a maximum allowed withdrawal exists does it exclude winnings generated from progressive jackpot wins?


  • Yes the maximum withdrawal clause is careful to exclude winnings from Progressive Jackpots.



  • Does the operator make clear the software providers they work with?


  • In the footer only: NYX, BetSoft, Microgaming and Net Entertainment are listed. The site also appears to provide Play ‘N Go and NextGen Gaming games and possibly others that I cannot see due to geo targeting so efforts should be made to make software partners more obvious for users.

    • Action Taken - Change made by adding additional footer icons and game groups.


  • How does the available game selection compare to top rated operators?


  • Again due to geo targeting we may not be able to view all games offered – currently we can view 342 games across all categories. This is roughly around half of what our top rated operators offer. The more games and software platforms offered the greater the customer base is likely to be. It should be stated that for a newer operator, this is a good position to start in.

    • Action Taken - We have added quite a few new providers like Game Art, Endorphina and GamesOS and will be adding more.


  • Is it possible to filter games by software provider, type and alphabetical order?


  • Games cannot be filtered by software provider – often customers come to a casino to play games designed by one specific software provider so allowing them to filter using this category would improve customer experience at SlotJoint.

    • Action Taken - Change made by adding game groups.


  • Is the Return to Player (R.T.P.) information available for all games and easily locatable?


  • Yes – this information is available for most games – there are some gaps – I had to contact support to ask where to locate this information because it is not obvious – the icon gives no details as to this pertaining to R.T.P. data. It looks to users as if this is an option to order games in list form or gallery – R.T.P.s could be given more prominent placement or labelling to improve user experience at SlotJoint.

    We also have some concerns regarding providing individual player account R.T.P. figures. While the concept itself has clearly been implemented with the best of intentions any individual player is unlikely to create a large enough data set to create meaningful results. As such, unlucky players could see this mathematically non-useful figure as “evidence” supporting their argument that they have been cheated by the operator. This is not an issue directly, but should be considered as a potential area giving rise to problems during disputes which could be used in a damaging fashion on internet forums.

    • Action Taken - Good point as players have reference this when they close their account. However as this is built in by the game provider it is not feasible to remove.


Terms and Conditions

  • Are the Terms and Conditions appropriately laid out?


  • Yes – they are clearly divided by headings and numbers which makes them easy to navigate and discuss should a customer have to contact Customer Support with a query regarding a specific clause.


  • Do the Terms and Conditions appear to be originally crafted for this specific operator?


  • Yes – they clearly pertain only to SlotJoint and appear to have been originally crafted for this purpose.


  • Are there terms that make no sense, reference other properties or are not applicable to the product being offered by the operator?


  • No.


  • Do the Terms and Conditions contain contradictions?


  • Yes - Term 6.10: “You are only permitted to have one Player Account with SlotJoint. Any additional accounts will be blocked or closed and winnings will be revoked. If You find that You have more than one Player Account, please contact customer support immediately to avoid having Your account(s) blocked or closed and winnings revoked.” contradicts the information given earlier in Term 2.3: “You are only permitted to have one Player Account. Only one Player Account is permitted per family or Shared Environment. If You open more than one Player Account We will close all Your Player Accounts and not pay out any winnings or refund any deposits.” In order to avoid conflict between customers and SlotJoint all Terms and Conditions should give the same information in relation to company policy linked to the opening of multiple accounts or the company could leave themselves open to players willing to exploit what they see as loopholes. Term 6.10 leads customers to believe that if they play with multi accounts only those secondary accounts opened will be penalised; Term 2.3 leads customers to believe that if multiple accounts are detected then ALL accounts will be closed inclusive of the initial account. Term 6.10 mentions seizure of only winnings; Term 2.3 mentions seizure of winnings AND deposits. It is better to have accord across these terms to avoid future complaints.

    • Action Taken - Term 6.10 has been removed.


  • • Are there any Terms and Conditions that could prove problematic for the operator in the future?


  • Term 7.8: “If You win an amount that is newsworthy You agree to be available for any event arranged by SlotJoint to publicly disclose such winnings.” It would be in SlotJoint’s best interests to define the minimum sum that they denote to be “newsworthy” to avoid any contentions in the future.

    • Action Taken - Added 100k CAD or equivalent.

  • Term 13.2.1: “A most recent bank statement from the bank where Your wagers/deposits originated;” earlier in Term 2.4 SlotJoint specifies: “Verification documents cannot be older than 3 months.” this should be stated in Term 13.2.1 too to maintain consistency accord across all Terms and Conditions.

    • Action Taken - Fixed.


  • Are the Terms and Conditions written in easily understandable English?


  • The Terms and Conditions and other sections are largely intelligible but we found some areas for improvement. While we don't offer proof reading services as a standard Auditing service, in this instance we have provided a full report separately.

    • Action Taken - Fixed. Appreciated that you pointed this out.


  • Do the Terms and Conditions give a clear list of restricted countries and are the restricted countries laid out in alphabetical order?


  • No – this requires attention to improve customer experience on site and to protect SlotJoint from future issues arising from this area. Term 2.5 places the responsibility for not playing from excluded countries on the player – without specifying what these excluded countries may be - this is not in the best interests of the casino or the customer and may lead to complaint issues further down the line. Industry best practice is to provide a comprehensive list of all excluded countries, in alphabetical order, for customers in the Terms and Conditions so that there can be no accusations against SlotJoint in terms of seizing funds etc. at a later date . In section 9: “Your Obligations as a Player” Term 9.6 states: “You warrant that You are not a resident of any Country where playing at SlotJoint would be in conflict with the laws of Your jurisdiction. Such countries are, but not limited to, Costa Rica, Curacao, Cyprus, Israel, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Russia, Romania, Ukraine and United States of America.” This list is not in alphabetical order and may lead to customers missing their country on the list.

    • Action Taken - Restricted countries have been alphabetised and Term 2.5 removed.


  • Do the Terms and Conditions give a clear and understandable term for the management of dormant or inactive accounts?


  • The dormancy term – Term 6.9 states: “A dormant Player Account is an account that has not been accessed for 12 months. If Your Player Account becomes dormant then You will be contacted and a payout will be remitted to You as soon as practicable. If Your Player Account is dormant and You cannot be reached then a 5 €/USD/GBP/AUD/CAD administrative fee will be debited to Your account. The 5 €/USD/GBP/AUD/CAD administrative fee will continue to be charged for each month or part of a month after Your account becomes dormant until the account is accessed or Your account balance is nil. Reasonable attempts will be made to contact You regarding Your dormant Player Account.” This is a very positive term, but we feel that this could be worded more clearly in order to better facilitate customer understanding. In particular the frequency of the charges should be expressed more clearly. Means of contacting players should also be outlined clearly here so that there is no ambiguity. Industry standard is normally to contact players via their registered email account 30 days before an account becomes dormant in order to allow them to avoid the initial €5 charge – we would ask SlotJoint to consider altering protocol to this effect – then if the player does not login after the 30 days €5 should be deducted on the first dormant day and then subsequent deductions of €5 should be made on the last day of each month the account remains dormant.

    • Action Taken - Fixed.


  • Is the dormancy/inactivity term player friendly with a commitment to make reasonable efforts to contact the player before action is taken?


  • Yes.


  • Are fees associated with dormancy/inactivity reasonable?


  • Yes – they are entirely in line with other reputable providers.


Responsible Gaming

  • Does the operator provide clear guidance and support to gamblers who feel they are at risk, including linking to appropriate agencies to help individuals who feel they have developed problematic gambling habits?


  • SlotJoint provides a functioning link from their homepage to Gamblers Anonymous – this appears to be the only organisation they provide links to. Best practice would encourage listing of more than one organisation that can support problem gamblers. There is a Responsible Gaming Section on the site which gives some guidance for problem gamblers. It would be helpful to include a list of indicators that may help a gambler at risk of developing a problem avoid this. Points such as missing work or college as a result of using the time to gamble instead could feature here.

    • Action Taken - Change made. Added additional footer link and added a list of indicators to responsible gaming page.


  • Does the operator provide a range of clearly defined options to allow for the protection of players that feel they are at risk during specific periods? This should include the option to limit access to an account for a pre-defined period of time, limit access permanently and create deposit or loss limits for defined time periods.


  • SlotJoint does provide a range of options for players that may be at risk – from the information detailed it does not appear that players can set deposit limits – only wager limits and loss limits. It would be helpful to allow deposit limits to be set too for completeness. There is no mention in this section of where to implement these options and so it would be worthwhile to provide information taking players through how they would go about imposing them on their account.

    • Action Taken - Fixed – added deposit limits and instructions to Responsible Gaming information page.


  • Do the self-exclusion policies clearly outline any sister venues/shared license holders where the player will also be excluded if they choose to self-exclude


  • No but we assume that this is because SlotJoint is a sole venue operator. If SlotJoint’s parent company decides to expand then it is worth remembering that sister venues/shared license holders should be cited clearly relating to the company’s policies on self-exclusion in their Terms and Conditions since there are notable issues arising in the industry at this time linked to just such policies and their lack of clarity.



  • Is the Welcome Bonus or equivalent clearly displayed and consistently referenced across all relevant areas of the site?


  • Yes


  • Are the Bonus Terms and Conditions easily locatable?


  • Yes - though as mentioned previously it would promote flow through your site - and also lead to more positive user experiences - if the “Welcome Bonus” tab on the homepage had a drop-down menu which included the Bonus Terms and Conditions for players.

    • Action Taken - Added drop down menu.


  • Are all term relevant to bonuses found within the Bonus Terms and Conditions?


  • Yes – all terms relevant to the bonus are found within the Bonus Terms and Conditions.


  • Are the Bonus Terms and Conditions clear and do any examples consistently and accurately reflect the terms?


  • Yes.


  • Do the Bonus Terms and Conditions make clear whether the bonus will be put into the balance at the time of deposit or after completion of the wagering requirement?


  • Yes.


  • Do they make clear whether they bonus is withdrawable or to be retained after completion of the wagering requirement?


  • Yes.


  • Do the Bonus Terms and Conditions make clear any restricted games and the weightings/contribution rates of allowed games?


  • Yes – Progressive Jackpots and Play ‘N Go games cannot be played with the Deposit Welcome Bonus. Games weightings are clearly defined in tabular form for both Deposit and No Deposit Bonuses. Our concern here would relate to the restriction of Play ‘N Go games. Without a filter to allow players to know which games are produced by Play ‘N Go, players can easily accidentally play a restricted game. An alternative to the game filter would automatically prevent players from accessing restricted games when playing with a bonus. This may already be happening – we cannot tell.

    • Action Taken - Fixed – updated paragraph 10 of Bonus T&C.


  • Are there any obvious omissions that could give rise to future issues for the operator or games that should be managed differently?


  • No.


  • Are the Bonus Terms and Conditions consistent in their reference to currencies used? If multiple currencies are used do the Bonus Terms and Conditions make clear how use of different currencies will impact the bonus requirements?


  • Yes.


  • Are there any obviously absent terms that could lead to issues with Advantage Play losses?


  • No.


  • Are countries that are restricted from receiving bonuses clearly laid out in alphabetical order?


  • If as outlined in Deposit Bonus Terms and Conditions, Term 11, the only countries excluded from claiming bonuses are: “[…]Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, China, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Lithuania, Mauritius, Moldova, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Thailand, Turkey and Ukraine” then – yes.


  • Do any Comp Point programs clearly lay out how points are earned; the rate of accrual and how they are converted into cash/bonuses?


  • Yes – accrued at a rate of 1 point for every 10€ bet; redeemed at a rate of 500 points for 5€. Games contribute differently to the earning of points. This is a fairly complex system which does impact its user friendliness, but the complexity is reflected across the industry and has proven necessary.


Customer Support

  • Was email testing response prompt and useful?


  • Customer support took 1 hour and 1 minute to respond to our test email. The response was polite and professional.


  • Did Live Support come across as knowledgeable and professional?


  • Live Support was very friendly and polite but on our first test I asked 3 questions and it took 16 minutes to have them answered – this is considerably slower than some venues we have tested. The support operator was unsure of some of the information I was asking for, despite it being fairly basic, and said they would check with someone else to make sure they were giving accurate information. It is excellent that they wanted to be accurate but this is a bit slower than other operators. Over multiple further tests significantly improved results were experienced, with quicker response times and no further need to consult with other team members. Overall Live Support came across as very competent and effective.


  • Did Customer Support have the necessary standards of English to communicate in a clear and efficient fashion?


  • Standard of English was excellent. Efficiency will hopefully come with growing experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the FAQs given in logical sections and do they cover an appropriate range of topics?


  • F.A.Q.s are not in any sections – we would recommend doing this for ease of customer navigation. Sections on: sign-up and registration, managing my account, withdrawals, deposits, games, promotions and security would be of benefit to customers. It would also lessen the load on SlotJoint’s Customer Support and therefore customer waiting times if more useful information was contained under these section headings. For example - SlotJoint’s Rewards Program F.A.Q. does not give any useful details about the program – merely that one exists and what it is called. Even a link to this information would be of greater benefit to customers. The fact that the F.A.Q.s are situated in a side pop-up may contribute to this problem – SlotJoint does not wish them to take up any more room – this brings us back to an earlier point where we recommended utilising your tabs on the homepage more successfully. If SlotJoint built in drop-down menus as suggested under more useful headings, then the F.A.Q.s could feature there instead in a more thorough and useful fashion benefitting both customer and operator alike.

    • Action Taken - We just decided to leave it as a list. Probably 95% of the questions are covered in the first 20 FAQ. Also we added this to the top Navigation.


  • Where the FAQs reference information in other areas of the site do they link to the appropriate sections?


  • No – there are no links provided at all and the F.A.Q.s are not really fulfilling their role as an information gathering tool for customers.

    • Action Taken - Added to support header link.


  • Do the FAQs contradict information found elsewhere on the site?


  • No.


Other Issues likely to detrimentally impact the review rating

  • Are there significant player or affiliate complaints at any credible player or affiliate communities?


  • None at time of checking – 16.13 GMT 31st December 2015.


  • Are the relevant Terms and Condition pages monitorable by our change monitoring service?


  • Yes.

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