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Property Name : Trada Casino

Property URL :

Date of Audit : 02/11/2015


Site Design

  • Is the site design attractive and engaging?
  • Clearly identifiable logo to allow for ease of brand recognition allows users to quickly see that they have come to the right place if they have come to the site via a link from a gambling portal/clicked on a link sent via email etc.
  • Home page is understated – the background does not fight for attention with the current offers the casino has or the games it displays on its homepage. A point for development may be to try and enhance the background in some way as currently it is difficult to tell what the ethos of the casino is from this page or indeed the target customer market it caters to. Developing a character/personality can help ensure return custom if the customers feel that the design “speaks” to them in some way. Currently the plain fonts, emphasis on monochrome colours and flat grey background leaves customers with a feeling of lifelessness.
  • Slider at the top displaying current offers moves at an effective pace and takes up a sensible amount of the screen visible to customers.


  • Is the site easy to navigate and does it encourage flow?
  • The tabs along the top allow customers to access areas of most interest to them so this works well. Upon clicking Promotions > Casino Bonuses and arriving at customers would find it helpful if there was a link to the Bonus Terms and Conditions on the bonus itself instead of having to go back to the Promotions tab to find this information.
    • Action Taken – A link has been added to the bonus page taking the player directly to the general bonus terms. This will be implemented on all future promotions.
  • In the Casino Games Rules section
    users are experiencing some issues that will detract from their experience on this site. When clicking on the links for some games I received intermittent error messages; for others, constant error messages; and for some games the rules came up in Spanish despite English language being selected. Be advised that I was using Google Chrome for my browser.

    • Action Taken – This problem has been resolved.
  • In this same section – as a user – I would have expected to find the games R.T.P.s given in the Game Payouts however they do not appear here – this makes the player’s progress through the site difficult as they are having to look in other places for information that logically should appear somewhere else.
    • Action Taken – This section is automatically updated and controlled by the platform provider. A request has been made to add this information to the game files and this should be implemented within the next 2 weeks.


  • Does the design interfere with accessing the features or information on site?
  • The site design is generally very good.
  • Documents are easy to read through – sensible font styles and colours appropriate to the background are used enhancing the user’s experience.


  • Are there any features that are a barrier to positive user experience?
  • The Live Chat box is situated in such a way that it does not conceal other areas of the site which is very positive. We could not find any in-built features that would hamper user progress or detract from user experience.


  • Are there any broken links?
  • Using Xenu Link Sleuth we could find no broken links on the Trada Casino website.


  • Is site load time acceptable?
  • Using Pingdom we received the below results:
    Requests Average Load Time Faster than % of all sites tested 132 2.97s 55% 57 0.96s 91% 114 2.13s 69% 119 1.45s 82% 116 2.06s 71%


  • Are there any notable issues varying between Chrome, Firefox and Mobile (Android) browsers?
  • Liked the magnifying glass effect available when accessing the main menu using a mobile device (Android).
  • While some pages are rendering correctly for responsive use, there are some issues with banners overrunning the page in other areas of the site:
    • Action Taken – Mobile site will be live within the next month resolving this issue.


Contact Information

  • Are company details provided in the footer of the site and in the Terms and Conditions?
  • Company address and licenses are available in the footer of the site.
  • Is contact information easy to find and provided in a variety of mediums?
  • Support is provided via email, online form, Live Chat and post. This information is easily accessed via the ‘Support’ tab in the main menu of the site.


License Information

  • Are the relevant licensing bodies clearly displayed on the homepage and referenced within the Terms and Conditions?
  • Information regarding license provider and jurisdiction UK and non-UK players should contact in the event of an issue is clearly given in the Terms and Conditions. Licenses held are displayed on the homepage.
  • Do the license seal(s)/text link to the correct locations to authenticate the license?
  • In both cases – yes.
  • Is the operator’s complaint policy clearly laid out within the Terms and Conditions?
  • Again – yes.
  • Is sufficient information made available to allow players to contact the licensor in case of player issues?
  • Yes.


Financial Information

  • Are the various deposit methods clearly laid out for players (without logging in) and has the operator kept the list of offered deposit methods up-to-date?
  • When clicking on the “Deposit” hyperlink on the Terms and Conditions page players are taken to log-in before they can read any more about the deposit methods. The website already allows access to the deposit methods through the F.A.Q.s – in the interests of positive player experience it would make sense to have this hyperlink take players to where this information is located without undergoing a sign-up which may essentially be a waste of their time if they do not wish to deposit by any of the methods that are provide.
    • Action Taken – Hyperlink on the deposit button removed and ‘payment methods’ sentence links to the payment options page.
  • Are withdrawal methods clearly laid out for players (without logging in)?
  • In the Terms and Conditions it states that Trada offer a “wide range of withdrawal methods” but the website does not say what these are – it appears that there are 4 according to the withdrawals section. If there are more why not list them all here in the interests of transparency or indeed provide a link to the appropriate section?
    • Action Taken – Withdrawal methods now listed in this section.
  • Are withdraw times, maximum and minimum allowed withdrawals detailed for each payment method?
  • Yes though there is a contradiction in withdrawal minimums given as detailed in the Terms and Conditions section of this report below.
    • Action Taken – Terms changed to reflect the correct minimums.
  • Are associated withdrawal fees made obvious to users?
  • If only E.F.T.s are charged a fee then yes.
  • If a maximum allowed withdrawal exists does it exclude winnings generated from progressive jackpot wins?
  • Yes – the appropriate Term indicates that the withdrawal cap does not pertain to progressive jackpot winnings – or indeed V.I.P.s.



  • Does the operator make clear the software providers they work with?
  • If Pariplay, Microgaming and Net Entertainment are the only software providers then yes – the logos associated with each brand are clearly displayed on the homepage and function as links to each provider. The software provider can also be found in the Games Rules section for those links that are currently functioning.
  • How does the available game selection compare to top rated operators?
  • Trada offer around half of the slots, table, video poker and jackpot games of top rated operators. There are currently no live games on offer which may be a drawback for some players. Many venues offer a minimal amount in order to extend their customer base. There is a larger selection of slots games and progressive jackpot games than many of the new venues we have been exposed to recently so as a growing brand we would expect this number to keep increasing and for player experience of games selection to become even more positive in the future.
  • Is it possible to filter games by software provider, type and alphabetical order?
  • Currently players can only filter by type though Net Entertainment games are given a section of their own. The more flexible the filter system is the better for players as different players have different methods of organising their play. Some like to search for a particular game or software provider so allowing them to filter only by game type makes this awkward for them and will diminish their experience of playing.
    • Action Taken – Tabs for Microgaming and Pariplay will be introduced within the next 2 weeks.
  • Is the Return to Player (R.T.P.) information available for all games and easily locatable?
  • Unfortunately we could not access the R.T.P. information from the links provided on the site from all machines. These documents opened on some machines we used and not on others. Ideally this information should be displayed on the website so that users do not have to download it at all. The Responsible Gaming section (dealing with problem gambling) is not where users would intuitively look for this information. Fair Gaming would be a more appropriate section but ideally this information should be found in the Game Help Files in the Game Rules section.
    • Action Taken – For the time being RTP information has been moved to the ‘Fair Gaming’ sections. This information will be displayed as a web page rather than a downloadable file within the next week.


Terms and Conditions

  • Are the Terms and Conditions appropriately laid out?
  • The Terms and Conditions are given under headings but under those headings sub-clauses are bulleted – there is no numbering or lettering system commonly found in place in legal documents that would make the terms and conditions easier to locate if it was necessary for a user, or indeed a Customer Service operative, to make reference to a specific Term or Condition connected to their account. This small detail would make the Customer Service run more smoothly and the customer experience would most likely be more positive as a result.
    • Action Taken – A numbering system has been implemented to improve ease of use.
  • Do the Terms and Conditions appear to be originally crafted for this specific operator?
  • Yes.
  • Are there terms that make no sense, reference other properties or are not applicable to the product being offered by the operator?
  • Bullet 3 in the Responsibility for Use of Account section references “Match Rigging” but since this casino does not offer a sports book we can see no reason for this.
    • Action Taken – This term has been removed.
  • Account Registration section – bullet 6 “[…]to treat multiple accounts as a single joint account[…]” the word “joint” would most likely be better left out as for most adults “joint” would be a different type of account (joint bank account for example).
    • Action Taken – Term has been changed.
  • Do the Terms and Conditions contain contradictions?
  • Yes – in the Payments section of the Terms and Conditions ( bullet point 12 contradicts the withdrawal minimum found in the Withdrawals section ( Terms and Conditions state £25 but Withdrawals section states £10.
    • Action Taken – All Terms and Conditions now state the correct minimum of £10.
  • Are the Terms and Conditions written in easily understandable English?
  • Yes though there are instances where punctuation/grammar is not fit for purpose. Colons are not used to head lists and often final bullet points are not closed with a full-stop. Unfortunately proof-reading is not a service offered as part of this package, but as a courtesy, errors we have encountered during our appraisal are detailed below.
    Legal Use section – bullet 2 should have a colon after ‘by’ and then semi-colons after the next two bold points. Bullet 5 of this same section should end with a full-stop and not a semi-colon.
    Account Registration section – bullet 7 – no comma appears after “[…]your application[…]” but there should be one.
    Deposits to your Account section – bullet 6 – there is no full-stop to end the sentence.
    Payouts section – final bullet – “[…]we hold customer funds separate[…]” separately should be used instead of “separate”.
    Closing your Account section – the final bold sub-clause has no full-stop to close.
    Though not part of the Terms and Conditions we also noted some issues regarding typos and missing initial capital letters for proper nouns in the Payments section – see the link and comments for examples.
    Typo – “bacasue” not because in line 2 of the text. No initial capital for ‘Skrill’ in the first line of the Topping up your Account section. Also some headings have missing initial capitals for words other than: articles, prepositions and conjunctions (which should not have capital letters in headings).

    • Action Taken – All the above have been corrected.
  • Do the Terms and Conditions give a clear list of restricted countries and are the restricted countries laid out in alphabetical order?
  • No details of country restrictions are given in the Terms and Conditions – they can be found in the FAQ section but in the interests of positive player experience and transparency they should also be located in the Terms and Conditions section. They are not listed in alphabetical order and this could lead to a player missing their country on the list because it does not come where it logically should.
    • Action Taken – Restricted countries have been alphabetised and added to terms and conditions.
  • Do the Terms and Conditions give a clear and understandable term for the management of dormant or inactive accounts?
  • Yes. The term relating to closing accounts that are inactive for 90 days could result in loss of return custom in our experience many players that find themselves subject to such a short inactivity period will just go to another venue. This term may also lead to Customer Service operators spending their time unlocking accounts because those players that do want to reactivate their accounts. We would suggest increasing the 90 days to 180 days.
    • Action Taken – As no dormant accounts have ever been closed the term has been changed to remove the necessity for for account closures.
  • Is the dormancy/inactivity term player friendly with a commitment to make reasonable efforts to contact the player before action is taken?
  • Yes.
  • Are fees associated with dormancy/inactivity reasonable?
  • Yes.


Responsible Gaming

  • Does the operator provide clear guidance and support to gamblers who feel they are at risk, including linking to appropriate agencies to help individuals who feel they have developed problematic gambling habits?
  • Yes – helpful advice is given to allow the accurate diagnosis of a gambling issue and customers are directed to a variety of organisations that may be able to provide further help and advice.
  • Does the operator provide a range of clearly defined options to allow for the protection of players that feel they are at risk during specific periods? This should include the option to limit access to an account for a pre-defined period of time, limit access permanently and create deposit or loss limits for defined time periods.
  • In the Responsible Gaming section Trada Casino states that players can self-exclude but they do not indicate the different methods available to players providing a link to Customer Support instead which requires a log-in to proceed. In the Terms and Conditions section it states that “[…]players can preset a limit on the amount that they deposit, wager or lose[…]” but this information should also be given in the Responsible Gaming section. Players should also be able to self-exclude for a pre-defined period of time, or indeed permanently, but it is not made explicit whether this is a possibility at Trada. Live Support did reveal this information but not all players would necessarily think to ask the question.
    • Action Taken – This information has been added to the Responsible Gaming section, detailing the account limits and the amount of time the customer can exclude for.
  • Do the self-exclusion policies clearly outline any sister venues/shared license holders where the player will also be excluded if they choose to self-exclude
  • Trada does not give details to this effect – presumably because they are a sole venue operator. If this is not the case then Trada should provide information regarding sister venues/shared license holders for players clearly in the Responsible Gaming section and in the related section of their Terms and Conditions.



  • Is the Welcome Bonus or equivalent clearly displayed and consistently referenced across all relevant areas of the site?
  • Welcome Bonus package references remain constant across the site in terms of percentage match and free spin amounts but the wagering requirements are cited differently in two places. In the Bonus Terms section ( it states: “All new player welcome bonuses carry a wagering requirement of 25X deposit & bonus.” but in the FAQ section ( it states: “The matching deposit bonus is subject to a 40x wagering requirement.” Clearly there is a disparity here that should be addressed to prevent issues relating to it arising in the future.
    • Action Taken – Wagering requirement information is now consistent across the site.
  • Are the Bonus Terms and Conditions easily locatable?
  • Yes – they are in the Promotions drop down menu on the homepage and there is also a link to them on the Welcome Bonus page itself.
  • Are all term relevant to bonuses found within the Bonus Terms and Conditions?
  • Yes – all terms relevant to the bonus are found within the Bonus Terms and Conditions.
  • Are the Bonus Terms and Conditions clear and do any examples consistently and accurately reflect the terms?
  • There are no worked examples of what a specific player deposit would attract in terms of a bonus and what the wagering total in terms of actual money wagered would be etc. This would be useful information for less experienced players.
    • Action Taken – Wagering requirement example was already available in General Terms and Conditions. This has been added to the Bonus Terms and Conditions.
  • Do the Bonus Terms and Conditions make clear whether the bonus will be put into the balance at the time of deposit or after completion of the wagering requirement?
  • No. By industry standards we assume that the bonus is added at time of deposit, but it would be useful to make this clear.
    • Action Taken – The word ‘Instant’ has now been added to the terms to clarify this.
  • Do they make clear whether they bonus is withdrawable or to be retained after completion of the wagering requirement?
  • No. The Frequently Asked Questions describe the Welcome Bonus as not cashable. We suspect that it is cashable (i.e. it can be withdrawn) after the wagering requirement is complete. If this is not the case and the bonus is removed from the player’s account at the time of withdrawal it is necessary to make this clear.
    • Action Taken – The bonus is cashable and this has been clarified across the site.
  • Do the Bonus Terms and Conditions make clear any restricted games and the weightings/contribution rates of allowed games?
  • Yes.
  • Are there any obvious omissions that could give rise to future issues for the operator or games that should be managed differently?
  • No.
  • Are the Bonus Terms and Conditions consistent in their reference to currencies used? If multiple currencies are used do the Bonus Terms and Conditions make clear how use of different currencies will impact the bonus requirements?
  • Yes.
  • Are there any obviously absent terms that could lead to issues with Advantage Play losses?
  • No.
  • Are countries that are restricted from receiving bonuses clearly laid out in alphabetical order?
  • Trada does not list any country restrictions for receipt of bonuses.
  • Do any Comp Point programs clearly lay out how points are earned; the rate of accrual and how they are converted into cash/bonuses?
  • Trada Casino does not currently offer a comp points system.


Customer Support

  • Was email testing response prompt and useful?
  • Yes – email response time was excellent – within an hour – and the response was professional and helpful.
  • Did Live Support come across as knowledgeable and professional?
  • The Live Support operator I spoke with deserves special mention in this report because I really put him through the ringer with the range of questions I was asking – some of which were silly – but he answered them all fully and in a friendly and enthusiastic manner. He directed me competently to the relevant areas of the site and talked me through the steps I would go through to do certain things. He also offered to do them for me if I’d find it easier. He was responding to my questions quickly – he clearly knew the answers to the questions I was asking which were diverse in nature and would have caught out a weaker Live Support Operator – and he gave information that was entirely accurate according to the information provide on site. He was thoroughly pleasant and professional at all times and took the time to tell me that I would receive 10 complimentary spins just for signing up and gave me the code for this just before leaving me – this kind of touch would encourage players to sign-up so he is doing his best to maximise new custom for you. People like him can make all the difference to customer experience on your site and I hope that you will pass on our comments and compliments to him – he deserves the praise. His name was [EDIT].
  • Did Customer Support have the necessary standards of English to communicate in a clear and efficient fashion?
  • Absolutely – the communication standard was exceptionally high.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the FAQs given in logical sections and do they cover an appropriate range of topics?
  • Yes. Unlike some venues, Trada really appear to have given thought to the most useful information to include in their F.A.Q.s from a customer point-of-view. As specified earlier the restricted countries should also appear in the Terms and Conditions.
  • The Withdrawals section in the FAQs does not give maximum and minimum withdrawal limits – neither does it give withdrawal times – this information should be included here or at least a link to where this information can be found should be given.
    • Action Taken – This information has now been added to the FAQ.
  • Where the FAQs reference information in other areas of the site do they link to the appropriate sections?
  • Yes.
  • Do the FAQs contradict information found elsewhere on the site?
  • Yes – as specified above with Welcome Bonus wagering requirements.
    • This has been resolved and all wagering requirement information is consistent across the site.


Other Issues likely to detrimentally impact the review rating

  • Are there significant player or affiliate complaints at any credible player or affiliate communities?
  • No.
  • Are the relevant Terms and Condition pages monitorable by our change monitoring service?
  • Yes.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland sits to the north-west of mainland Europe. The United Kingdom shares a border with The Republic of Ireland and has coasts on the Atlantic Ocean, Celtic Sea, North Sea, Irish Sea and English Channel. The population of the UK is approaching the 67.6 million mark leading to a fairly densely populated land mass. The gambling sector in the United Kingdom is entirely regulated and licensed by the UKGC – the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. Should players resident In the UK wish to gamble with foreign based operators there is no history of this being treated as a criminal offence, but high levels of protection exist for UK residents playing with UK licensed operators.


The above information is what we believe to be the the legal status of online gambling, however information on this topic is limited and hard to find. We accept no liability for any errors or ommissions. It is the reader’s responsibility to ensure that they know the legality of online gambling in their country before engaging with any online gambling service.