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Casino Vega Blacklist

Properties covered by this Blacklisting


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Casino Vega has been involved in confiscation of funds due to ‘bonus abuse’. This group applied extremely suspect mathematics to justify telling a blackjack player that they won too often and would not be paid. If you’re going to run an online casino, it’s absolutely essential that you have at least a reasonable grasp of game theory and statistics. Not only have the management of Casino Vega shown that they do not have an adequate understanding of mathematics, but they’ve use figures in a highly suspect fashion one that in our opinion they likely knew was wrong but served as a useful validation to save them paying a player.

Alongside this, they then went on to draw comparisons with offline card counting and how casinos will bar players for this practice. They are right that offline casinos will bar card counters if they catch them, those casinos are legally required to pay any winnings the player. They cannot use barring the player to justify confiscation of winnings. As such this comparison is absolutely moot.

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