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Slotsland/WinADay Casinos Blacklist

Properties covered by this Blacklisting


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Slotsland and their sister casino WinADay run what is known and proprietary software (software they designed). Their software included at least two video poker that fail to offer a fair game.

These games both involve a progressive jackpot which is tied to the player receiving a royal flush (10, J, Q, K, A all of the same suit). However despite using a deck of cards for the game play, the probability of receiving a royal flush is not tied to the natural probabilities of a deck of cards. That is, if you played a video poker game with the same rules and paytable at another casino, your odds of hitting the top paying hand would be far higher than they are playing at Slotsland or WinADay. The Slotsland games have been intentionally manipulated to make a royal flush far less likely.

This practice of representing real devices in electronic games but altering the odds that the real device would produce is unethical and in most regulatory jurisdictions considered a breach of license.

To quote the GRA license

“(5) A licence holder should not implement game designs or features that may reasonably be expected to mislead the customer about the likelihood of particular results occurring. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

(a) Where a game simulates a physical device the theoretical probabilities and visual representation of the device should correspond to the features and actions of the physical device (e.g. roulette wheel). “

and the Alderney license

“Where a game is represented or implied to be a simulation of a physical device, the behaviour of the simulation should be identical to the expected behaviour of the physical device.

a) The visual representation of the device should correspond to the features of the physical device.

b) The probability of any event occurring should be as for the actual physical device E.g. the probability of obtaining a “six” on a simulated dice throw should be 1/6.”

There is a statement in the Slotsland (though not WinADay) FAQs regarding this;

“Please note that all games share the same mechanism which determines the jackpot win. Thus, with card games, the probability of hitting the jackpot combination is not natural but controlled by this shared random mechanism in the same way as slot machines’ wins.”

however simply stating that your game is rigged does not justify rigging the game in the first place and over and above that the vast majority of players will not read the FAQ before playing these games.

Rigged software is entirely unacceptable and is one of the lowest aspects of the online gambling industry.

It should also be noted that WinADay casino were recently found to be offering two roulette games that were not returning normal results. When alerted to this, the casinos decided to refund player losses as a bonus rather than as cash, requiring a wagering requirement to be completed.

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