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Trusted Testing Houses

by Dame de Coeur - April 17, 2021

Here at ThePOGG one of the most consistent complaint topics submitted to our Complaints Manager relates to online casinos being rigged. Players are often suspicious about the integrity of online casino games, particularly if they have undergone a losing streak more than once in quick succession at the same operator. Then they begin to question whether someone may have […]


Online Slot Payouts Explained

by ThePOGG - March 24, 2021

This article was written by ThePOGG.When you play Blackjack, most of the payouts are pretty easy to understand. In most cases, if you win you get your bet back and the same again. Roulette offers some higher odd bets, but again it is usually pretty straightforward. The only complication is when more than one of your bets wins. Likewise with Video Poker – you can only […]


The Gambler’s Fallacy – why ‘due’ is a lie

by ThePOGG - March 24, 2021

This article was written by ThePOGG.Have you ever played Roulette and seen red come up 10 times in a row? Did it make you think black has to happen soon? Have you ever seen a slot game being advertised as ‘hot’ because lots of players have won on it recently? Does it make you want to play that game? Or conversely, a game that is advertised as ‘cold’ because it has […]


Play Attack - A Heritage of Fake Games

by ThePOGG - December 26, 2020

We are in the process of adding reviews for the brands run by the PlayAttack Affiliate program and despite having no unresolved player complaints we will be listing them as Blacklisted. We will be doing this because there are ties between this program and groups that have historically facilitated the distribution of fake versions of major software providers' games. The […]


Hydra Reborn – Prism Marketing and Izzy Gaming BV

by ThePOGG - December 14, 2020

It has been some time now since we last gave an update on the growth of what we consider to be one of the most dangerous groups in operation within the online gambling sector today – the Game Tech Group. This name is now somewhat redundant. As far as we are aware there are no casino operators still live that are currently citing the Game Tech Group as their ownership. […]


Christmas Slots at LeoVegas

by Glenn Baird - December 11, 2020

Now that we are over a week into Advent most Christmas slots should have been given an official release. This year there are plenty of new Christmas slots to choose from and LeoVegas has stocked up on almost all of them. The question is, which ones are best?In the past I have been pretty tough on Christmas themed slots. Essentially, I think many lack imagination, […]


SIA Casino in DC’s The Flash Exclusive

by Glenn Baird - November 27, 2020

SIA Casino has released a new DC themed slot thanks to Playtech that is exclusive with the operator for a short time only.The Flash was created back in 1939 and infamous for his superhuman speed, not just in terms of his movement but also speed of thought, a combination of which would often allow him to defy certain laws of physics.Like all DC superheroes there has been […]


Casino Luck and the Luck of the Irish

by Glenn Baird - November 24, 2020

For those unfamiliar with the work of Casino Luck, a quick look at their logo will tell you that they have found inspiration, thanks to the luck of the Irish.The logo is a (naturally) green four-leaf clover and the text also takes on a vibrant green hue.The company themselves are Malta-based and have an MGA licence. They also have a licence with the UKGC, which, with the […]


BetBlocker Launch Calendaring Feature

by TO - November 17, 2020

@import url("");@import url("");.sayu-ig .button {text-decoration: none;} .sayu-ig a {text-decoration: underline;} […]


ADR Report 1st of October 2019-30th of September 2020

by ThePOGG - November 11, 2020

Number of complaints managedTotal complaints managed – 1420Total complaints managed under the MGA ADR remit – 496As is based in the UK and our ADR remit does not extend to UK citizens, all complaints managed under the ADR remit are considered ‘cross borders’ disputes.Comparative to the previous year a significant increase in complaint volume has been […]

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