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Catch a Rainbow Slot

by Glenn Baird - April 3, 2020

As today is Find a Rainbow Day, I thought it would a good opportunity to find the very best Rainbow titled slots and gather them together for you in one easy to access list of 10.Whilst there are lots, and I mean lots, of slots that have a rainbow in them somewhere, for the purpose of this list I will be focusing purely on slots that have the word in the title. This […]


Eiffel Tower Day

by Glenn Baird - March 30, 2020

March the 31st is International Eiffel Tower Day, with this year marking 131 years since the iconic Parisian tower made its grand entrance onto the world’s stage.For this reason I have decided to compile a list of the best French themed slots out there for you to play today. They won’t all contain an image of La Dame de Fer but they will be French; either set in […]


Outbreak Marketing

by ThePOGG - March 29, 2020

Fast forward to a dystopian future. Society as we understand it has ground to a halt. An infectious disease has surfaced and has forced governments around the world to take drastic action, inflicting massive damage to the economy and imposing unprecedented strictures on the freedoms available to their citizens in a desperate effort to protect lives and minimise the death […]


Kenny Rogers’ “The Gambler”

by Glenn Baird - March 23, 2020

As the shock of Kenny Rogers' passing settles we take a close look at "The Gambler", one of the songs that defined him as global superstar, and unpick what lessons its writer taught by using poker as the song's central metaphor.Kenny Rogers - A brief HistoryKenneth Donald Rogers was born on August 21, 1938, in Houston, Texas. He grew up poor, living with 6 siblings and […]


The 10 Best Sports Slots

by Glenn Baird - March 19, 2020

There are hundreds of slots out there that use sport as a theme, but which ones are worth playing and which ones need to be avoided? What separates the aces from the double faults, the wondergoals from the own goals? Here at ThePogg, we have taken it upon ourselves to bring you a comprehensive list of the 10 best sport themed slots out there today.We have slots about […]

Read More... and Trustpilot – Why we will not engage with 3rd party review services

by ThePOGG - March 10, 2020

As with any online business from time to time we get notifications from one 3rd party business review site or another that a user has posted a review of our ‘customer service’. The most notable being Trustpilot.We have a strict policy when it comes to reviewing services of this nature – we will not engage with nor respond to reviews posted on these services.Why we […]


The Best Gambling Movies

by Glenn Baird - March 4, 2020

Cinema and gambling have been a match made in heaven (or hell) for as long we have been heading to the pictures. From comedies to thrillers, gambling has formed the backdrop to countless numbers of movies, but the question that we want to know the answer to is what gambling movies are the best?To work this out we first made a long list of gambling movies and then took […]


Branded Slots

by Glenn Baird - March 2, 2020

A branded slot is any slot that shares its name with something or someone famous. We’re talking about films, TV shows, computer games, musicians, bands and people or characters who are famous for reasons I haven’t thought of yet. Any who fit that bill can have their name, their image, their music built into a slot and whoever is responsible for that name, image or […]


Safer Gambling: Addressing The Issue Of Problem Gambling

by TO - January 21, 2020

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