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1xBet - Fraudulent behavior by 1xbet


Found for the Player - 1xBet have been entirely unresponsive to our repeated attempts to discuss this issue with them. They are now included on our Blacklist.

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Player's Complaint

Dear Sir/Madam,

I really hope you could help with the injustice i have been victim of and without the chance to escalate or 1xbet providing a third party mediation contact to look into the matter.

The following bets of mine were winners. They were half time 1x2 bet. I made the bet when score was 0-0 and later on when score was 1-0. The max bet was reduced to 6 EUR after the first bet so reason why i made several bets to that total combined stake comes to about 100 EUR. However 1xbet suspended betting on this event much after my bets were made. But i checked the scores on bet365 where still the event was available and my selection won 4-1 in the first half.

I know i had bet on a big outsider. but outsiders can win. Even bet365 paid out the winner of 1st half as Bangplub ( selection )

To my surprise 1xbet voided all the bets (settled at 1.0) . Support did not want to give details and said their employee made a mistake and they have the right to void out any bets. but no more information given. i can fwd mail tracks on that. They also did not provide the contact of third party dispute agency to resolve the issue.

After much insisting they told me their employee made a mistake and accepted my first bet at 0-0 score when infact the score was 1-0. they did not provide more details and stopped responding on the issue. I told them even if that happened, it happened with only the first bet and why did they void out all other bets. again no response apart from stating 2.19 of their terms which again is not valid for all my bets.

After some days, to my surprise i saw them secretly changing my bets to winners but they settled that at odds of 1.01 and 1.02 which is scandalous. The odds at which i had bet ranged from over 20.0 to 12.5 to 6.0. and now they settled the bets at 1.01 / 1.02 just because they admit there was a mistake and wanted to still show my bets as winners. its like reducing winnings of over 2000 EUR to only 2 EUR.

The bets are as follows and several minutes passed between the first and last bet.


Can you please review this and sort out this injustice [EDIT] from 1xbet?

1. Did the operator really accept my first bet at 0-0 score odds when the score was 1-0?

2. All other bets made after first bet ( i.e when score was 1-0 ), why should they have been voided?

3. If the really for (1) the operator made a mistake, at least settle it at the right odd which was about 12.5 soon after score changed to 1-0.

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4 Responses

User icon
January 21, 2019

Hi yovin555 - welcome to!

1xBet are Blacklisted with this service. While we will try to contact the operator on your behalf, the chances of a successful mediation are low.



User icon
January 21, 2019

Hello, Thanks for the update. I understand your POV. Hopefully there could be something positive out of that because the overall amount comes to 1350+49.2+49.2+45.6+45.6+45+45+45+40.8+19.58 = 1734.98 EUR. I have extract of history of original bets and when they modified it later on to 1.01 and 1.03 odds. Brgds [EDIT]

User icon
February 8, 2019

Hi yovin555,

Unfortunately after repeated attempts to contact the operator about this issue we have received no response what-so-ever. At this juncture I have no reasonable expectation of this situation changing.

Sorry we could not be of more help!


User icon
February 8, 2019

Hello POGG Team,

I understand. it is how their support is. they just run away from assuming their responsibility.

Anyway i appreciate your effort. I have made a complaint at curacao egaming authority and hopefully something happens there.

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yovin555 consented for ThePOGG to act on their behalf and share the personal information that they provide to ThePOGG with the following agencies for the purposes of resolving their complaint:

  • 1xBet
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  • 1xCorp N.V.

January 21, 2019

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