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Found for the Casino - Gamstop self-exclusions will not work if you use different details to those you registered with Gamstop to sign-up with operators.

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Player's Complaint

Hi I am a self confessed addict and have lost my wife,house and job due to gambling over the past 5 years. After seeking help I self excluded myself from many casinos and signed up to gamstop a year ago which was a god send. During the last year I have had low points where I tried to log onto sites to gamble but was stopped at the first hurdle as soon as I entered my email address but last night at a very low ebb I managed to get past this on and entered my brothers name and date of birth although I used the email address postcode and bank details all registered with gamstop. When it said the card must be in the account holders name I assumed it would flag up there but it didn't. I knew full well that even if I won a million pounds I would never be able to withdraw it as it would flag up but I didn't care as the addiction and urge to gamble had taken over. I lost £5000 and would've lost more had they continued to take my deposits. I contacted them this morning to explain the situation as was told I would not receive any refund as the account was not in my name. I explained to them that any other sight I have tried knocks me back at the first hurdle with the email address or postcode. She kept saying that it was in a different name and I said yes I'm an addict when an addict needs to do what they do they will do anything to do it no matter what. I explained that surely the controls could be better than that as I had entered the same banned email address, post code, bank details and used a card that wasn't in the account holders name. Surely one of these could've flagged up in these fancy systems that they have? I also asked why on earth is a new player allowed to deposit up to £5000 within minutes of being newly registered? I was told this was something they need to look at. I know what I did was wrong but as I said an addict will do anything when the monster takes over and that's how easy it was and again she said this was something they need to take note of in the future. Can you help/give any advise on this one?

Best regards


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1 Responses

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October 27, 2019

Hi markbck59 - welcome to!

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to help you in this instance.

The Gamstop service carries the following term:

"It is in your interest to provide us with accurate details consistent with those which you have used to set up accounts with online gambling operators. GAMSTOP may not be able to spot inaccuracies or other differences in account details, and we may not be able to prevent you accessing accounts you have created using, for example, email addresses that you have not provided to us as part of the registration process. GAMSTOP will operate on the basis of the information you have provided at registration and we will not be responsible for failure to spot errors made on your part."

If you have changed your registration details away from those that you provided to Gamstop your exclusion would not be expected to function.

The only suggestion that we could make would be to contact the UKGC who reserve the management of Gamstop related complaints to themselves.

You may also find our free Responsible Gambling app BetBlocker useful. It can restrict your internet capable devices from accessing over 6.6k gambling operator websites including

Sorry we cannot be of more help.


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October 27, 2019

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