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7 Spins - Unpay winning and only return my deposit


Resolved - 7Spins casino have reverted to us and provided sufficient evidence for us to establish this player opened multiple account in contravention of terms.

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Player's Complaint

My user id is [EDIT]

Email use for the account is [EDIT]

On Feb 19-2014, I had sign up at 7 spins casino and take the sign up offer. I had played only slot game and from the beginning til the end I had bet the same amount of $100 til the wager requirement is complete. When I complete all the wager I had a total balance of $25075. Since the support told me that they have a requirement for different level for withdraw so I am only allow to submit a request of $1000. Which I did and also I had request an email from them to ask me to provide my personal document like ID and phone bill. During the waiting process I had login to my account and continue to try some more luck and after few day when I try to login to my account I wasn't able to so I contact their live support they give me a email address to contact as they say I had to email them directly. After I had receive an reply email from them that my account is temporarily disabled. ( I had copy the e-mail in below that is form 7 spins)

Dear [EDIT],

Thank you for contacting us.

We would like to inform that your account has been temporarily disabled as it is under investigation by the Security & Accounting Manager.

Once this process reaches its conclusion you will be notified.

Thank you for your comprehension.

We hope this response has adequately answered your questions. If not, please do not send another email; simply click reply on the auto reply-email you received from us and enter your comment.

At your service,

Security Department

Today I check my email i receive the follow email from them;

Dear [EDIT],

We hope you are well.

Please note that after finalizing our analysis on your account records, we have detected significant discrepancies. As a result of the aforementioned inconsistencies, we had no choice but to permanently disabled your 7 Spins Casino Account and refund your initial deposit.

We would like to remind you that 7 Spins reserves the right at all times and at its own discretion to decline to open a 7 Spins Account and/or to close an existing 7 Spins Account without any explanation whatsoever.

We hope this response has adequately answered your questions. If not, please do not send another email; simply click reply on the auto reply-email you received from us and enter your comment.

At your service,

Security Department

This is totally knock me out as they only return my deposit and not paying my winning. Totally they are really untrusted casino to me (EDIT - Removed unfounded accusations).

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4 Responses

March 5, 2014

Hi willwilldiva - thanks for getting in contact.

I've contacted 7 Spins casino and I'll see what I can find out for you.



March 7, 2014

Hi willwilldiva,

While I haven't yet discussed the details of your complaint, I just wanted to let you know that I have managed to make contact with someone at 7 Spins casino and hope to receive a response soon.



March 14, 2014

Hi willwilldiva,

To keep you informed as to the progress of this complaint - 7 Spin casino believe that you've been running more than one account to allow you to claim bonuses multiple times.

I'm working on the premis that you're going to deny this claim and as such I'm in the process of asking 7 Spins to provide supporting evidence for their claim.

Bear with me.


March 19, 2014

Hi willwilldiva, 7 Spins casino have provided me with the following statement regarding your issue;

"Willwilldiva recently joined 7Spins Casino and registered his first deposit on February 19th 2014. However, as stated on our terms and conditions each player agrees to a full security check that may take over 24 hours following a deposit. Unfortunately the results clearly reflected that Willwilldiva already had an account where he successfully deposited and withdrew as well.

As stated on our terms and conditions; “in the event of multiple casino accounts abuse, all balances shall be forfeited and all accounts shall be permanently closed.

Following the fraud evidence we had no other alternative but to close and refund the single purchase made to his account and to permanently close his accounts.


7Spins Casino"

Unfortunately 7 Spin casino has opted not to share the evidence that they've gathered to support their claim that you've opened multiple accounts. This leaves me in a position wherein I have the casino claiming that multi-accounting has taken place while the player claims (as they have over email) that the account in question here is the only account they are associated with while I have no evidence with which to base a decision to support either party on. As such this complaint will be closed as 'Unresolved'. While the ruling related to the complaint specifically unquestionably has to be neutral I will criticize 7 Spins casino (and by extension the Revenue Giants group) for the failure to show any form of transparency. They operate under a Costa Rican gambling license, meaning that they effectively have no regulatory authority and players have no government regulator to pursue a complaint with. By failing to disclose evidence in player disputes to independent 3rd parties, they create a situation where they serve as prosecution, judge and jury in a case where they financially benefit from the outcome. Without verification that this decision was fair substantial questions will naturally be asked about this player's treatment. Transparency would for obvious reasons serve 7 Spins casino better. ThePOGG

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March 5, 2014

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