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7Bit - missing max bet, a refund is required 650.19EUR


Declined - This player has already played down their balance. We cannot assist you if you contact us after you have played and lost your funds.

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Player's Complaint

Hello, everyone who reads this [EDIT].

The casino is at the very top of the rating of some forums, but nevertheless, this does not prevent it from cheating the player . And as I consider a violation of the license. Including inventing non-existing rules.

In order: I have been playing since the spring of this year :13 deposits and 2 withdrawals, respectively, 41291rubley deposit and 5300 rubles withdrawal.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules of the casino before registering , read through the translator and accepted.(since now it is better to read it once than to prove something later).

I play a lot of places,in different casinos. Recently, I often buy a bonus round in the Tropicool slot from the ELK provider, for 10k. rub, for 4k rub. The situation is as follows: September 12. I decided to buy a bonus round in this slot at 7Bit casino. I made a deposit of 4500 rubles. I went to the slot, I played 100 rubles :5 spins, for checking (Internet connection). I go to the purchase of the bonus function for 4k, I buy it and a sign appears "YOU HAVE REACHED YOUR GAME LIMIT". I didn't understand... I go again, and again the same thing.

I am contacting support… The support looked and said, everything works correctly, clean the cache and cookies,restart the device and buy again.

I did everything as the operator advised, the problem did not disappear.... I turn back to the chat, the operator already answers me that they have: when playing for their own money, the maximum bet is 3500 rubles… I was already confused, I think the operator is delusional or something!?. I'm telling you what I've read your rules about , there was nothing like this and there is no such thing. I play for my own money as I want.

I ask them to point out to me the point of the rules where it is indicated, for familiarization (I have read it and I know that there is no such thing there). Initially, the operator replied that you will receive an answer for review by mail ,here's what I received after about 7 hours:

here is such an " extended and voluminous answer” I attach a screenshot with the number - A1. Back to the chat: I write to the operator that the deposit was made only because of the purchase of this bonus and no more. I ask them to approve the withdrawal of my deposit without turnover x3.

To which I receive a refusal and complete unwillingness, to bring me these restrictions in their own rules for review.

These are my funds and I can play as I like, maybe I would take a risk and make a deposit of 100,000 rubles. For purchases of bonuses and that I would have to win back my x3 deposit in manual mode and eventually lose!?

They invented non-existent nonsense on the move. The License and Rules undermine the basis of the foundations of licensed casinos . And actually : here I already see a violation of the licensee's rules. License No. 8048/JAZ

In general, the point of the rules was not shown, the nerves and mood were spoiled, their official one. earnings were lost, an hour and a half in the chat in an empty one. As a result, the deposit was lost very quickly (in those slots where I was not going at all). It turns out that during all this time, I was deceived and misled as a player: from the moment of registration (when I got acquainted with the rules), because if this was specified in the rules “The maximum bet is 3500 rubles when playing on my own funds".(I apply their rules from the original to the proofs). I would never play and register at such a casino. With such restrictions, it's just ridiculous 3500 rubles, 40.78 EUR The maximum bet in the casino. It is a pure coincidence that I did not make large deposits such as 45k,50k,75k. Since I didn't really like the behavior of the slots and the recoil. For this reason, I was afraid to make a lot. And today I decided to play on the purchase of a bonus round. It's good that I made a little bit again.

To their letter about the internal rules of the casino, where there are only five words that the maximum bet is 3500 rubles, 40.78 EUR. I sent a response(screenshot A2):. In general: With casinos, everything is clear that they are engaged in deception and fiction, arbitrariness and undermining the ENTIRE line of casinos under License License No. 8048/JAZ. And these are quite well-known casinos in the top ratings(I will not voice them here, of course, you know them yourself). Inform the licensee about this absolutely Terrible case of fraud from the moment of registration to this day.

The casino initially omitted these restrictions, misled me, from the first day of my registration, lost my trust and shook my faith in the Casino License, before blocking my account (only in case of full payment), I demand :the return of all my deposits from the moment of registration, minus payments, namely 35991 rubles(417.94 EUR) to my gaming account or my electronic wallet. Since all of them were made on fraudulent terms that violate both the License and the rights of the player, Plus 20,000 rubles (232.25 EUR) compensation for today (for fraud,nerves, draining the deposit, time spent on correspondence with the chat, registration of a claim, correspondence by mail) since during this time that I was dealing with this issue,half a day I suffered financial losses in the amount of 20,000 rubles(232.25 EUR).( My daily earnings are 30,000 rubles, 348.37 EUR). I had to postpone my earnings and spend all my time solving this problem. Since-such actions of the casino as deliberate omission or deliberate rules (their own conclusions). It is impossible in any case to leave without attention(punishment) and postpone for later. I believe that the casino should return it to me immediately:all deposits plus compensation, since the deposits were made on fraudulent terms by the casino and when accepting registration at the 7Bit casino, I signed up, accepted the terms(by checking the box) and agreed to completely different terms of the game . Therefore, all deposits made by me are subject to refund. Total: 55.991 rubles( 650.19 EUR).

The requirement to return my deposits is due to the fact that the contract is an agreement(rules) which I accepted at registration does not contain anything like this.Consequently, all the deposits made by me were made on completely different terms of the game, and the fraud was discovered by accident .Thus, my acceptance of the rules during registration is fundamental and it is necessary to take them into account, and not from empty words. Therefore ,all funds deposited by the player, minus 5,300 rubles, are canceled and are obliged to return two withdrawals.

This is a gross violation on the part of the casino, the rules of the platform, the license and generally accepted norms,the rights of the player and, of course, an attempt to evade responsibility. What is unacceptable in the field of Gambling.

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4 Responses

User icon
September 16, 2021

Hi igraem.vmeste71 - welcome to!

Firstly - game limits are not required to be included in terms and conditions. This does not happen at the vast majority of casinos holding any license. They are advertised in game.

If I'm understanding you correctly, the game in question allows you to move your stake up to a higher level - advertising that it will accept this stake - then rejects the bet when you try to place it. This would be a 'soft' issue and an arguement could be made that you should have been allowed to withdraw your deposit without restriction due to the product not meeting the advertised standards.

However, if I'm following your submission you have played down your deposit. If that is the case there is nothing we can do to assist you. If you have an issue you need to contact us at that point, not after you have played with and lost your balance. Had you won from this play you would not be here insisting that the operator take back your winnings. Likewise you cannot contest losses in this manner.

Have I understood everything correctly?



User icon
September 16, 2021

Hello. you write:If you have an issue you need to contact us at that point, not after you have played with and lost your balance... the casino was interested in withdrawing funds, without turnover x3. My nerves were at the limit and naturally I lost. I would like to note that from the moment of registration to the present day, the casino has not provided information on the organization of the bet, when playing 6a own money. And games with the purchase of a bonus feature are available,but as it turned out ,I can't use them. If I had known that there was such a restriction confirmed by the rules, I would never have made a deposit on such conditions. If you look at the situation not superficially,but "dig deeper", then it looks like fraud here.

User icon
September 16, 2021

If only I had bought a bonus round, as I was going to. And the result would be a loss, then there would be no conversations and questions at all. After all, I accept the risks of playing in a casino. (honest risks). I will tell you honestly : I play a lot in some casinos , but I have never met such an absurdity anywhere (without proof from the casino rules) just like in a 7bit casino. I repeat: not in one casino, I have not met a bet limit when playing on my own funds, with such a small limit of 41.07 EUR. Meanwhile, in the casino, there is a very large selection of Slots with the function of buying a bonus that exceeds this bet limit. And now it turned out that they can not be used! To be honest, I am very surprised how this casino can occupy the top position in the rating on some forums, for example (very famous in Russia )

I was not informed in any way,from the very moment of registration for the casino. And they have in the rules and in other conditions. It is not specified that this restriction takes place. That is: not only did they limit my choice of how to play for my own money(although they themselves provide these slots), they have been misleading me all this time. I repeat: if I bought a feature and lost, there would be no questions. And if I knew that there are restrictions, I would not even register at this institution.

And there are a lot of questions to the casino administration, and to the platform itself. Dama N.V.

User icon
September 18, 2021

Hi igraem.vmeste71,

If you don't feel that you can control your gambling - i.e. you feel that stress makes you play more than you should - you need to question whether you should be playing at all.

You may find our free Responsible Gambling app BetBlocker useful. It allows users to restrict their internet capable devices from accessing over 13k gambling operator websites for between 24 hours and 5 years.

As stated previously, if you have played down your balance there is nothing we can do to assist you.


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September 16, 2021

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