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7Bit - Submitted a permanent voluntary exclusion


Found for the Casino - This player may have asked to close their account but did not provide the operator any indications that this was due to problem gambling.

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Player's Complaint

I requested that my account be closed for a permanent exclusion. VIP manager emailed me and offered to reopen my account with a sister casino.

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3 Responses

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October 12, 2018

Hi player81 - welcome to!

Your complaint seems to be missing a lot of information. Did you ask for your account to be closed at 7Bit or are they the sister casino you mention. Are you complaining that you simply received this email, or did you accept this offer and play? Did you make clear to the original casino that you had a gambling addition or only ask for your account to be closed?



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October 13, 2018

The original casino was actually Bob casino. I did not make it clear that I had a gambling addiction. But it would be safe to assume that if somebody asked for a permanent closure of their account using the self exclusion feature that it would be explained by such an action that the individual had a gambling problem. Also looking at account activity can give her pretty clear indicator if somebody has a gambling problem And by her I am referring to Alice Peters whom she refers to herself at 7Bit casino. And [EDIT] whom she refers to herself at Bob Casino. I suspect they are actually the same person because they write exactly the same. I have the initial email from [EDIT] offering for me to re-join and at one point I actually did. And excluded myself again. Unfortunately I deleted the email from Alice the other day. But I do you have another email that I received today, after clarifying with [EDIT] My closure was permanent and how I felt it was inappropriate To arrange a membership with another casino. And email today with 25 free spins and a bonus offer at 7Bit Casino. This clearly illustrates my point that they (Direx N.V.) are a predatory organization And take advantage of the more vulnerable players. Was recently pregnant and lost the baby, and as you can tell by the playing behaviour Have been experiencing some harsh personal trauma. She had knowledge of my pregnancy and even referred to it when asking me how I was. I did not inform her of my loss. Because it’s none of her business but it is clear that I am in a vulnerable and emotional state and they are trying to take advantage. I understand that there are no laws from their licensing organization that state that they are required to honour exclusions across products and different websites. But for seven big casino to send me an email offering me free spins because I haven’t played is a direct violation of that. So for that reason I ask that all of my spending issued by my bank of Montreal MasterCard be refunded. My last with drawl was with hell with no explanation from customer support. I was given false information. And not until several days later because of the weekend [EDIT] in formed me that it was due to my winnings being part of a bonus. Not a hard or rare situation that customer support should have not been able to relay to me when I inquired many, many times about the status of my last attempt to withdrawl. I have made numerous other deposit Using bitcoin and prepaid credit cards that will more than cover the winnings that I have received since I joined 7bit. Therefore my request to have my deposits made by my MasterCard ending in [EDIT] will not be affected by my withdrawals. I think it’s absolutely terrible that they would continue to contact me after I’ve asked them for a permanent exclusion and to leave me alone. And this is 7bitcasino specific. Imagine that the reasoning will be that it is an automated email, from my perspective they should have systems in place that are automatic for excluded former players. If they have those systems in place for automated emails in order to promote their services they should also be required to have them in order to respect the wishes of voluntary exclusionary’s especially the ones who are permanent

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October 15, 2018

Hi player81,

Unfortunately there's not going to be anything we can do to help you in this situation.

Firstly, you are correct that 7Bit are licensed in a jurisdiction that does not require self-exclusions to be carried over to other properties operated by the same company or on the same license. So an exclusion at Bob casino would not apply to 7Bit casino.

Secondly, when closing an account with a gambling operator simply saying 'permanent' does not translate to an admission of a gambling problem nor will it place responsibility on the operator to prevent you from re-opening the account if you request to do so. Many players tell operators to close their accounts and use the word permanently for a variety of different reasons. Some are unhappy with the service, others are trying to leverage the threat of withheld business to incentivise the operator to provide greater promotional rewards. No operator will assume that simply because you've asked for a permanent account closure that this is is a gambling addition issue.

For the operator to be financially liable to stop you accessing their service they have to be clearly informed of your issue (i.e. directly told) or be able to determine that there is a problem independent of direct communication. That means that your communications to them or gameplay prior to the loss have to strongly demonstrate high risk behaviour. Simply knowing that you are pregnant would not fall into this bracket and in fact, if the operator started restricting any woman who was pregnant from their services, could be viewed as discriminatory.

Finally, while you are right that both casinos are clients of Direx N.V. this does not mean they have the same owners. Direx N.V. - or Softswiss as they are more commonly known - are what is known as a 'white label provider'. This means that they buy in the games from a lot of different software companies, acquire licenses and payment processors etc etc and then package all of these resources up and lease them out to parties that want to run their own gambling operation but do not have the time or resources to obtain all of the different resources independently. While they will share some resources, they will largely be run independently with entirely separate companies responsible for the marketing of the operators and it would be very unusual for them to share player information with other companies that are to all intents and purposes their competitors. In short, as there is no license requirement to do so, excluding with one Softswiss operator will not result in the other Softswiss operators being either aware of your exclusion or having any of your information.

For your claim to be legitimate you would need to have informed the operator of your gambling issues and you would need to be able to demonstrate that someone from Bob Casino contacted you to encourage you to sign-up with another gambling operator.

Sorry we could not be of more help!


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October 12, 2018

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