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7Reels - Questionable Balance Activity


Found for the Casino - This player is both incorrect in their claim and has engaged in unacceptable behaviour when talking to casino support.

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Player's Complaint

Hi, just wondering if you would be kind enough to have a look at this dispute I had some months ago with 7reels. Just a quick run down on the situation first.

I have already taken this complaint up with ASKGAMBLERS and seemed to be making slow progress.

I was asking for the game logs for a session where I had won roughly 30k over the course of 20 or so hours straight. The game logs I requested were for the dates 14th and 15th on mermaid millions.

As I was getting very little help from 7reels with my request I took the issue up with ask gamblers. After making some progress I eventually received the logs for the 14th with the help of askgamblers. Now after looking at these logs it was the 15th that I was more interested in and as they obviously gave me such a run around and never supplied the logs for the 15th they obviously have something to hide.

Here is the thing! So through ask gamblers I eventually go the logs for the 14th. As you can imagine and I’m sure you see a lot this had gone on for months. First through there support and next through askgamblers, and I was starting to get really angry. It seems through the process of trying to sort this out in there support service before involving askgamblers I made some comments out of anger to there support staff. Now it seems that I was just about at the final stages with the dispute with askgamblers and it appears that 7reels have sent through the chat logs where I made some nasty comments to the casino support staff and as a result the case was dismissed and I was blocked instantly from ask gamblers.

In the end they got away with not supplying the logs and case dismissed. I understand the comments were uncalled for and very stupid at the time but all I wanted was the logs from that session which in there terms and conditions I’m within my rights to ask for and when asking for them was just given the run around for months Which is pretty frustrating

The complaint was made after I noticed money disappearing from my account as I was playing. Sometimes $300 when I was playing $15 bets. I’m not sure on how much or how long it was happening before I noticed but one I did notice there is no doubting it was happening. As mentioned there was a lot of high bets and fluctuations in my balance over 20hrs and hundreds of thousand dollars in turnover. But there is a reason they won’t show me the logs for the 15th and my guess is somebody was fiddling with my balance hoping with the large amount of bets it would be unnoticed.

I can supply the communication from askgamblers unfinished complaint if your happy to look at it for me?? Would be greatly appreciated if you would and of course no more bad words to the casino support. Please let me know how you feel about this.


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9 Responses

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December 20, 2018

Hi aussie123 - welcome to!

I'll contact the operator and see what we can find out for you.



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January 8, 2019

Hi aussie123,

I've now reviewed the details of this case.

Your representation of this situation is a fairly gross mis-representation of what's went on.

Reviewing the chat record of the relevant period, firstly your issue appears not to be that money was disappearing from your account, but rather that your account was restricted from placing a withdrawal while verification took place and during that process you chose to gamble with the balance you had and lost a significant sum.

Firstly, it is standard practice and required by anti-money laundering law to require verification before processing any financial transactions to you. This is normal. When you deposit to them you are making the transaction and you are responsible for it. When they pay you they are making the transaction and they are responsible for it. There is no reason for the operator to restrict an account from playing as a default while the verification process is ongoing.

Where you choose to place wager you are responsible for the outcome good or bad. Had you won you would expect to be paid the winning bets. Where you lose that is your responsibility not the operator's fault.

Moving on - the conversation you had with the Live Chat agent isn't just a little angry, it's entirely unacceptable on every level. It is abusive, features hate speech and includes threats of violence/terrorism. Frankly these communications are so far over the line that you should have been reported to your local law enforcement agencies.

While I understand that you were angry, you are an adult engaged in an adult activity. That behaviour is entirely unacceptable on every level. If you spoke to an employee of any business face to face in that manner you would be opening yourself up to criminal charges.

I have received the play data you requested and have forwarded that to your email address. After this point though we will take no further part in the representation of your claim.


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January 8, 2019

Hi, yes as I mentioned my actions were not correct and there was no intent behind the words spoken. Once again they have supplied only half of the logs. While what I said is inappropriate they are still only giving you the logs for the 14th which is only half the money played. It’s absolutely ridiculous that they can get away with this. Can you please get them to supply the logs for the 15th. It’s only fair I get these as in there terms and conditions I’m within my right to receive this. There is a reason they are not giving them to me please don’t let them get away with this again. Please

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January 8, 2019

This is exactly the same logs I supplied you from the previous complaint. They are not being honest and this is why I was so angry. Please all I want is the logs from the rest of the play.

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January 8, 2019

Yes your correct I am an adult engaging in adult activity.

But when I sign up to a casino and agree to there terms and conditions I expect they also act like adults and adhere to there terms and conditions. All I’m asking for is the logs for the 14th and 15th. It does upset me that I spend my hard earned money at a casino that makes me sign onto there terms and conditions and then flat out refuses to give me logs of my financial dealings with them. If they had done this to start with i would never had said the things I did. It’s only fair I get these

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January 8, 2019

I did mention in my original email to you I said some pretty stupid things. I’m the first to admit that and as I said there was no intent behind them but the main point is that it would never have been said if they supplied what they were asked. They are hiding the truth and that is unacceptable. And once again using my anger after not being supplied with something they are by law supposed to supply they are getting away with it again. Please understand that i would never have said this if they did the right thing. I’m adult enough to admit I was wrong. Please don’t let my anger get in the way of the truth.

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January 8, 2019

I would also like to add that losing the money is not the main point here. I have lost much more than that at other sites and not said a word about it. I lost 130k in a weekend at another casino and never once said a bad word to the staff.

The truth is here that there is a reason that they will not supply the logs for the rest of my play. There would not have been any angry or threatening comments if they acted in a professional manner. I’m man enough to admit my actions were very unacceptable but if you close this complaint due to things that would never had been said if the casino supplied what they are supposed to by there own terms and conditions and by law I feel the only people that are being let down are the hard working people that invest money into these casinos. Please for the sake of every person that deposits at this casino make them see out there obligations.

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January 8, 2019

It’s very obvious by looking at these logs that they are for the 14th only. It shows my balance starting at 0 then the last log is at 8k. My balance was up over 20k and then down to 0. So where are the logs for the rest of the play? That’s all I have ever asked for

User icon
January 11, 2019

Hi Aussie123,

I'm sorry I cannot agree with you or dismiss your comments simply by saying they were "very unacceptable". They were firstly abusive, then moved into hate speech targeting the gay community and finally - and most alarmingly - then moved into you repeatedly declaring your intent to brutally assault innocents because you in someway felt your actions would reflect badly on the operator. Describing your communications as having "no intent" and "inappropriate" doesn't even come close to approaching the severity of what you chose to threaten to do. Bluntly, I have never seen anything so vile in 2k cases this site has received and had those communications been sent to us we would have handed them over to the police in your country immediately.

As far as your "rights" under a commercial contract are concerned, these are not relevant in the light of what you have chosen to do. In our opinion it is highly likely that your communications would represent a criminal offence in your country of residence. Having been subjected to that the operator having engaged in any further dialogue with you is frankly stunning. We would not have. If I buy a train ticket then verbally abuse a member of staff on the train and get thrown off (and frankly getting arrested would be a far more likely outcome of saying the things you said), no court is going to support a claim that my rights have been infringed because I didn't get to complete the journey. You made choices here. That those choices have undermined your rights is entirely your responsibility.

And as far as the logs go (and your 'rights'), again your comments are entirely inaccurate. I reviewed that file personally before sending it to you (and again just now) to ensure that the transactions covered more than the 14th. In fact the transaction history shows all wagers placed between the 14th at 07:17:00 server time right through to 16th at 12:39:34 server time (a total of 15158 transaction lines), showing each wager with both the before and after balance of the wager and any resultant payout (balance before wager, balance after wager, balance before payout, balance after payout). This allows the balance to be tracked precisely (from the starting point of 100 credits, up to the height of 11940.80 at 20:56:45 on the 14th and back down to 0) as the changes are accounted for exactly in terms of deductions (the important transactions in this discussion) always coincide with the wagers being placed. There are no large drops in balance , the largest being 50 credits which is in line with a lengthy period of wagering at this stake.

Even setting aside the actions you have taken, the records are contrary to your claims.

As stated previously, our involvement in this issue has concluded. No further posts will be approved on this thread.


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December 17, 2018

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