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888 – Lost inheratance


Found for the Player - As is standard for this group of operators, 888 Casino have refused to engage in the dispute mediation service offered by this site.

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Player's Complaint

I lost all inheritance in space of a month. The big losses were the last 4 days. Friday I lost 5000 and last night I lost around 7000. On Casumo I had an estimated Max monthly deposit of 500 and it let me deposit 3000. 888 I lost 5000 last night and around 5000 the other night. This is way out of my usual spending. Also my bank have let me spend 20000 in the space of 3 weeks when they used to phone about 400. Is there any way of getting some of the money back. I was very drunk when doing this

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4 Responses

Oct 04, 2018

Hi dancryans - welcome to ThePOGG.com!

Before we go any further, who are you complaining about? You've mentioned both 888 and Casumo.



Oct 04, 2018

888 A’s they let me spend the most. Around 10000 in 4 days I think. I can’t believe my bank let me spend this without contacting me. I feel suacidal to be honest. I’m not a problem gambler usually either so these amounts are way out of character and I have just been at a low point and can’t remember doing it

Oct 08, 2018

Hi dancryans,

Unfortunately your bank would be unlikely to put a hold on this type of transaction unless it looked like it was unauthorised - i.e. the payments were being made from a location outside of your usual region of movement or large payments had been made to a vendor that you had not previously approved payments to. If you've been playing with 888 in the past your bank would be unlikely to take action.

There are problems with your account here. Namely that you state that you "were drunk" and "can't remember doing it" but also say that this happened over 3 weeks with chunks lost over a number of nights. While drink can cause memory loss, having done this on the first night, claiming that the same has occurred repeatedly is more questionable.

The bottom line here is that if you have not told the operator that you have a problem and have not engage any of the automated tools that are made available to help you control your gambling any potential case has to be based on your behaviour pattern alone and how that has differed from your historic activity with the operator. On your side is the fact that this is a reasonably large sum of money and presumably significantly out of line with your previous history. But that alone will be a difficult argument to make. Did you have any interactions with support staff during the time in question? What games were you playing? What bet sizes? Did your bets increase as your losses increased?

I also need to point out that 888 have not always been the most cooperative group with this service. There is a very good chance that they will refuse to talk to us.



Nov 05, 2018

Hi dancryans,

I've managed to contact someone on the 888 team. Unfortunately their response to this issue has been that they will not discuss complaints with this service and as such they have asked us to forward you on to their chosen ADR service eCOGRA.

Sorry we could not be of further help!


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