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AdamEve Casino - Witholding My Account Balance of €1,200


Found for the Casino - While AdamEve casino are within the bounds of their terms and conditions in the manner they've enforced their 'account abandonment' rule, it's very difficult to see any moral justification for their position and their failure to offer any response suggests that they cannot offer a coherent argument to support the seizure of funds.

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Player's Complaint


I played at Adam Eve Casino a long time ago and I left some money in my account at the time, planning on playing there again in the future. I forgot about my account there to be honest as I started playing elsewhere, and I didn't login for a couple of years (yes YEARS). I think I had about €1,200 in my account.

Recently I tried to login to the casino but my balance was not there. I contacted support and I received the email below. They recommended I complain to info[@] but after 3 emails and several months I have not received a reply. I admit that I did not login to my account for over 180 days but it seems excessive that I lose €1,200 as a result of this. I was not contacted to inform me that I would lose this money if I did not login.

[#LUW-427-86814]: Re: Live Angel Support - Live Chat on 13 October 2014

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[EDIT] Wed, Jan 21, 2015 at 12:49 PM

Reply-To: support[@]

To: [EDIT]

Good day,

In accordance with our terms and conditions player's account is closed for inactivity.

Please see your account details:

Customer: [EDIT] ([EDIT])

Registration date: 14/Jul/2011 22:02:57

Last login date: 26/Aug/2011 20:57:54

You can see it in the link below:


18. Abandonment of Account Balance

The Company reserves the right to cancel your Account for any justifiable reason whatsoever at any time without notice to you. If you do not access your Account by “logging in” to your Account by using your Account Name and password for a period of one hundred and eighty (180) days, your Account will be closed and the entire Account Balance will be deemed abandoned and forfeited; provided however, such requirement for log-in and entry is not and does not constitute any requirement whatsoever for you to play any Game, deposit funds or participate in any activity at other than logging in. For the avoidance of doubt, pursuant to this section, Company may also close any Account with any ESP which you have.

Reason: to block account for inactive period and forfeit account balance according to T&C

You can send a complaint to this address: info[@]

AdameveCasino Customer Support

Ticket Details

Ticket ID: LUW-427-86814

Department: Casino (EN, RU)

Type: Issue

Status: Closed

Priority: Critical

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6 Responses

User icon
March 23, 2015

Hi technorachel - welcome back!

I'll talk to AdamEve casino regarding this issue.

If I'm frank I don't expect to resolve it. The terms are clear and they are within their rights to withhold your balance. However, I don't think anybody viewing from an independent position could possibly see this as fair or reputable behaviour.

I'll let you know when I have more information.



User icon
April 3, 2015

Hi technorachel,

To keep you in the loop, while initially AdamEve casino were responsive to this issue, they appear to have stopped engaging as soon as they found the details of this case.

I'm holding this complaint open until Friday the 10th of April, but if I haven't heard from them by then I'll be closing and publishing the report.


User icon
April 10, 2015

Hi technorachel,

Unfortunately I've had no further response from AdamEve casino.

My position on this is fairly straight-forward - AdamEve terms and conditions do account for the abandonment of balance providing them the right to confiscate any fund if you haven't logged in within 180 day. The reasons for these types of terms is that the casino need to be able to do something about balances that have been genuinely forgotten and the owners of balance are unreachable.

Reputable casinos will do several things - a) try to contact the account holder to alert them to the balance b) charge an incremental "administration fee" that will slowly deplete the balance rather than simply seize the entire lot and c) make arrangements with a relevant gambling related charitable organization to donate funds that are not their's.

Basically these terms should be used to allow for the administration of an abandoned balance.

As far as I can see none of the above has happened and this term is simply being used to allow the seizure of additional funds for the casino.

While I do have to mark the complaint as 'Found for the Casino' due to their technical adherence to their terms and conditions, I don't like this at all and would consider it predatory behaviour.


In this

User icon
April 10, 2015


Thank you for taking the time to investigate this for me. I agree with your conclusion that the terms allow them to confisate the balance, but it is questionable whether this is reasonable, fair and moral.

One final point that I have not mentioned is that Adam & Eve were not able to confirm when this term was added. I cannot say with any certaintly whether term 18 was there in 2011 or not, and I thought it was a reasonable request to ask when this was added.

User icon
April 10, 2015

Hi technorachel,

I've had a look on WayBackMachine, the internet archive, and I can confirm that this term was in place in early 2011.

At this point it was term 16 rather than 18, on a different url (so took some raking to find) and allowed for seizure after 360 days rather than 180 -


User icon
April 11, 2015

Thank you for following up on this, I think this puts this matter to rest.

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March 23, 2015

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