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All Reels - closed my account


Found for the Player - All Reels Casino have engaged what we view to be predatory responsible gambling policies that result in vulnerable players being free rolled.

Read our All Reels Casino Review.

Player's Complaint

Hi yesterday i signin this account. I play on so many casinos on ask gamler website it showing 8.2 rating so i thought lets play. So when i checked i already signed up so i deposited by ecopays and start playinh and by luck i made 730$ I withdrawal 500$ because of limit max.And i contact live chat girl told me first my account is closed i was like so angry so girl said no no its active my bad. Than i asked that where i can submit my documents she said no need.

Than after few hours they email me my withdrawal completed when i checked email it showing they returned my 50$ deposit to ecopay.

A nd closed my account will u plz check

Casino is.

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4 Responses

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July 10, 2020

Hi silent27 - welcome to!

Have you opened more than one account at this casino?



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July 10, 2020

No only one account. With this email [EDIT] Plz check why they scammed

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July 10, 2020

Will you plz help me

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August 7, 2020

Hi Silent27,

I've concluded our dialogue with All Reels regarding this issue. Sadly, while we would support your claim, the operator will not be changing their position.

The grounds for non-payment in this case is the following term:

"7.5 If a player closes his casino account due to “problems with gambling” / “loss of self-control over the game” / “gambling addiction”, in this case, the player is prohibited from playing on the sites of the casino partners, which are indicated in the license of this casino."

You have previously self-excluded at Dozen Spins, another property on the same license as All Reels.

The problem with the above is two fold:

i) The term itself does not define who the 'casino partners' are nor does it offer any link to a license page where players can locate this information. It relies on the player to know where to find the license seal to locate this information for themselves.

ii) The operator are - as far as we can determine - conducting no checks at the point of registration for previously self-excluded accounts with other properties on their license. Effectively they are waiting until such time as a self-excluded player wins to take any action and that action is then to refuse payment of winnings. So self-excluded players are effectively expected to self-police - if they sign-up at another property on the license, which there are no barriers to them doing, they can lose but cannot win. This allows the operator to profit from further play by self-excluded players AND refuse to pay winnings.

There is a reason that the licensing systems that do require self-exclusions to carry over to all properties on the license also require operators to conduct checks at point of registration to identify previously self-excluded players. The reality is that player's do not read the terms and conditions. To prevent exactly what's going on here - that being addicts being allowed to lose but not allowed to win and as such making their addiction even more damaging than it was to begin with - operators are expected to carry out due dilligence to prevent players who have self-excluded on their network accessing via a different url. If the player then circumnavigates this by entering different details, the responsibility lie with the player. But registrations with substantially the same information are required to be identified and refunded by the operator within a short period of registration.

The idea behind responsible gambling policies is to protect vulnerable players, not to engineer situations where the operator can still accept their play and invalidate it any time it becomes non-profitable to the operator. Responsible gambling policies are put in place to create a structure where the operator accepts responsibility for preventing further play in the knowledge that the person in question is not capable of doing so. Relying on the player to police themselves defeats the entire purpose of the undertaking.

The policies being enacted here are predatory and intended to ensure that the operators can profit from self-excluded players with no risk to themselves. The operator faults the player for not knowing information they did not engage reasonable efforts to provide and for not being able to control their own impulses to play again, when responsible gambling policies are specifically intended to take that control out of the player's hands.

Sorry we could not be of further help.


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July 10, 2020

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