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Artemis Bet – Missing payment


Unresolved - Artemis Bet claim this player has been involved in some form of multi-accounting/syndicate play in violation of their terms and conditions but has declined to provide supporting evidence to back up this claim.

Player's Complaint


I want to confront Artemisbet with my account. I am missing €13392 by Artemis Bet transaction number [EDIT]. On live chat they are still saying that everything is all right, that my account has been closed and I did withdraw my money but in fact they managed withdraw from my account €13392 by single transaction from my account. Now they always say that it is ok , you got all your money.

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10 Responses

Aug 18, 2014

Hi ohousar - welcome to!

Before I can contact Artemis Bet regarding this issue I need you to provide your username and the email address you use at Artemis Bet.

It would also be useful to review any communication you've had with the casino so if you could forward this on to [email protected] it would be appreciated.

Finally what payment method do they claim to have paid by and when do they say they sent payment? It would be useful to see a copy of the payment method statement for the period immediately before and after the date they claim they sent payment.



Aug 25, 2014

Hi ohousar,

To answer your email questions;

1) Unfortunately, as far as I can pick out, Artemis Bet only offer live support in Turkish. As a non-Turkish speaker this doesn't offer a legitimate means of communication with them. I have found an email address for them and I'm pursuing this currently. It far from unusual for it to take several attempts via email before our communication reaches the correct member of management to deal with the issue.

2) I've already told you as much as I'm aware of regarding the Curacao licensing system. The license number you've quoted will pertain to EveryMatrix, the network provider for Artemis Bet, rather than a master license. At the present time I'm unsure which master license EveryMatrix operate under.

I'll let you know when I've found out more.


Aug 29, 2014

Hi ohousar,

To keep you in the loop I've chased this again today. If I don't receive any response I will send one final email to them regarding this issue before contacting the Curacao regulators to find out if the are licensed through one of the communicative master licensors.



Sep 03, 2014

Hi ohousar,

I've chased this a final time with Artemis Bet and informed them that the next step is to contact their regulator.

Unfortunately, having done some looking, I believe that their regulator is Cyberluck. I've yet to see any complaints actually responded to by this particular master license holder, which make any further action difficult.


Sep 10, 2014

Hi ohousar,

To keep you in the loop, I have someone at Curacao who is currently looking into the license that ArtemisBet hold. I'll let you know when they get back to me with some useful information.



Sep 17, 2014

Hi ohousar,

Curacao are looking for more information before the contact ArtemisBet. Right now they need to know which product your winnings were derived from (casino/sports)?

I've also taken a look at your Neteller account creen shots and have a few questions. On the 12th of March, the date that your ArtemisBet account history shows the 'adustment' of €13392 - there is only one other successful transaction and that appears to be a withdrawal of €1500. Your Neteller account however shows 7 €1500 deposits and one €500 deposit all from 'OddsMatrix'. 7x1500+500 = €11000, are you happy to agree that the missing money is 13392+1500 = 14892 - 11000 = €3892? If not can you provide an explanation for the additional payments made to your account by OddsMatrix?



Sep 22, 2014

Hi ohousar,

I need you to provide me with your full name before Curacao will contact the casino. Apologies for the delay, this one's my fault.



Sep 29, 2014

Hi ohousar,

I have heard back from the Curacao regulators and if what they're telling me is true then I'll be closing this complaint as 'Found for the Casino'.

EveryMatrix have informed Curacao that you have been;

1) Exploiting slow updates from their system on odds in lower league games.

2) Working with a network of other players either operating multiple accounts or running a syndicate.

3) Abusive and threatening to their representatives.

4) Clearly informed as to the reason that your winnings were confiscated while your deposits were returned.

Working backwards;

4) You've been clear with me that no explanation has been offered for the missing funds. If EveryMatrix provides evidence to the contrary I will consider this dishonesty on your part.

3) I don't tolerate abusive behaviour towards myself and I wouldn't expect any casino to either.

2) If this is true this would immediately result in the complaint being found in favour of Artemis Bet.

1) Whether this is relevant or not depends on whether this behaviour has violated a clearly defined term.

I've requested supporting evidence be provided and Curacao are going to speak at length with EveryMatrix regarding this issue at the EiG conference at the end of October. I expect further updates after that.


Oct 01, 2014

Hi ohousar,

To address some of your points in your email - I have not stated that I accept what I've been told any more than I've accepted what you've told me. I clearly stated "if what they're telling me is true".

As to your representation of this case - you have indeed informed me that the casino have "closed" your account, but you made no mention what-so-ever that they had informed you that the contested funds had been confiscated. Instead you've represented this as a payment issue, where the casino have made a mistake or failed to inform you that you would not be paid. I do consider that to be misrepresenting the situation.

To quote you;

"I got also transaction number from my account to that amount, they are telling me that with my account is nothing wrong."

"You know it is no payment they just took it like adjustment to my account- like steal every winning, they let on my account only deposits. "

"I must say that they didnt pay it- it is not like missing payment is more like withheld winnings."

The closest you get to stating that Artemis Bet had actually informed you that they were not going to pay your winnings is the last quote where you use the word "like", which in the context to the statement actually implies that this is "like" a situation where a casino have stated clearly that they will not pay your win, even though it's not.

If Artemis Bet can produce emails/chat transcripts where they have clearly stated that your winnings will not be paid to you, I will consider your communications up to this point as intentionally misleading.

As to multiple accounts - if you're smart enough to exploit slow updates on betting lines, which I note you don't contest in your email, you're also smart enough and informed enough to know that multi-accounting/syndicate betting does not have to involve multiple account run under the same identity. In fact it's far more normal for one person to be running accounts under several different identities.

I'll offer a final statement on this issue once I've receive feedback from Curacao.


Oct 24, 2014

Okay, I've had as much as I'm going to get from Artemis Bet. The casino have been consistent with their claims that this player has been engaged in the operation of more than one account and various other activities. Unfortunately they've declined to provide supporting evidence to validate these claims and as such I'm left with a 'he said, she said' type situation where I have two disagreeing parties and nothing upon with to base an assessment of who's right.

I don't feel that ohousar was as forthcoming with relevant information as they should have been at the start of this process, but at the same time I don't feel that Artemis Bet have shown any transparency of operation in the way they've stonewalled this complaint.

As such this complaint will be marked 'Unresolved'.

ohousar - There really aren't any further avenues that I could recommend to you. As Artemis Bet's regulator Curacao have already supported their decision there really isn't anywhere left to go.

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