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Aspers - furious bingo player


Found for the Casino - A clerical error resulted in the player's account being self excluded rather than a standard closure being applied.

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Player's Complaint

i joined aspers im march not knowing it was a daub site. i played a few games then my account was blocked.also all my other accounts with daub were blocked at the same time the reason i was given was that i had excluded myself from magical vegas in 2016 which was a daub site, but i have been playing constantly with 4 daub sites for the last 10 years, kingjackpot,, bingo liner, jackpot cafe and big top, i have spent thousands of pounds on these sites never winning any big amounts,, daubs policy is that if you close down one account you are automatically closed down on all their sites so dont know why they continued to let me play for such a long time, i was so upset at this action that i joined gamstop and stopped myself from playing any sites,( i have since regretted this as i liked playing games) if their policy is to block all the sites belonging to daub to a player that has excluded themselves are they liable to return any money i have spent since the day of excusion in 2016 ,,

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5 Responses

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May 12, 2019

Hi jessysnana - welcome to!

This is not an internal policy - Aspers are required by their license to carry over self exclusions at one property on their license to the other properties on their license.

Whether you are due a refund will depend largely on whether you changed your details when signing-up to other sites after you excluded.

I'll contact the operator and see what we can find out for you.



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May 14, 2019

hi, i have always used the same details on all daub sites, but realised that my complaint should go further than 2016 i excluded myself from other daub sites including kitty bingo, spin and win and luckypants bingo which was probably more than 5 years ago so why would they let me continuosly play on bingo liner, jackpot cafe. kingjackpot and big top, thanks jessysnana

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June 14, 2019

Hi jessysnana,

I've now discussed this issue at length with Daub Alderney and reviewed your communication history with the operator.

On the 7th of May 2016 you asked to close your accounts with Spin&Win, Magical Vegas, Kitty Bingo, Bingo Extra and Lucky Pants Bingo. The agent who managed the request confirmed the reasons why you wished to close your account to which you stated "im gettng quite bored of playing" and "havnt got any luck".

These account were subsequently closed, but as there was no statement that the closure request was due to gambling addiction this was managed as a standard closure request. This means that only the listed accounts were closed and you were free to open accounts and play with other operators on the network.

On the 11th of April 2017 you requested a 6 month self exclusion at Give Back Bingo. For the next 6 months all your accounts across the network are closed.

On the 10th of October 2017 you requested reactivation of your accounts and the self exclusion was lifted.

On the 8th of March 2019 you registered with Aspers. When your account was checked the risk agent conducting the review made a mistake and mis-interpreted the notes on your accounts, mixing up the closure request on the 7th if May 2016 with the 6 month self exclusion on 11th of April 2017. As such the incorrect actions where taken on your Aspers account and you were restricted.

After review, the operator would be happy to re-open your Aspers account, but as you have subsequently registered with GamStop they are no longer allowed to.

I'm sorry I cannot provide better news.


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June 14, 2019

dear POGG, thank you for your response, i know i made all of the comments that aspers are saying but im 70 years old and back then i would die rather than admit i have a gambling problem its only when i came across The Pogg and read how other people had been open about gambling problems i felt i was able to talk about it.and the daub network should of realised when i said i was bored and having no luck they still let me play on 4 of their sites so i cant of been that bored,i would of been too ashamed to say i have a gambling problem and that i had spent my mortgage money or i dont have money to buy food as i spent all my pension on their sites, or i am sitting for hours and hours trying to win back the money i had lost sometimes dreading what the next day would bring,,i feel since i joined gamstop i am gradually able to pay my debts more regularly now and hopefully try not to gamble again although it is very hard as i would like to play if i could keep it in control,but i doubt if i will,i really think daub should stick to their rules if a player comes out of one of their sites they should be banned from all of them, and shouldnt take feeble excuses like i made to them they should be able to recognise when one of their players needs help, thank you for help

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June 19, 2019

Hi jessysnana,

While I do sympathise with your situation, where you are expecting an operator to close your account on the grounds of gambling addiction you are asking them to take financial responsibility for your actions. This is a significant and extremely onerous action for any private business to take on. For that reason there needs to be clear grounds before any operator will take such an action. That means you either need to tell them directly about the issue or the account activity needs to meet various high risk criteria. Your account/s did not meet those criteria and without a clear statement from yourself regarding the reasons for closing your accounts these closures would only treated as basic account closures.

If you feel your gambling is problematic in nature I would encourage you to consider our free Responsible Gambling app BetBlocker which will restrict your device from accessing over 5.7k gambling operator websites.



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May 12, 2019

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