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Bet Regal - Not processing Withdrawals


Resolved - After a significant delay, this player has informed us that Bet Regal have now processed the contested payment and they have received their funds.

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Player's Complaint

First of all this scenario has been ongoing for over two weeks now.

After signing up to Bet Regal and making two deposits from debit card 5015, I then later had the card replaced by my bank 5023 which I made further deposits from. BOTH cards are linked to the EXACT SAME bank account.

I have supplied Bet Regal with EVERYTHING they have requested, photos of my passport, utility bills, photos of both cards in question (Please note card 5015 has been destroyed now as per banking requirements, but none the less I have sent a full photo of this card without even covering any number)

I have had countless phone calls/live chats explaining everything.

Randomly after a few back and forth Bet Regal processed 3 withdrawals, in which they sent me an email which contained the following:

(Dear [EDIT],

Thank you for contacting us on Bet Regal. We are writing with regards to your current pending cash out request. We confirm we have now received documents and can proceed with your cashout request.

Cashout processing times differ according to your chosen method of deposit on the site. Please refer to our website Questions and Answers in the help section for information on how long it will take to receive the funds.

Unless you choose to change your depositing method, this should only be a single inconvenience.

We thank you again for taking the time to send us the documents and assure you of our optimum service at all times.)

Great, so all appeared ok and 3 withdrawals were processed.

I then later that week went to withdraw a larger withdrawal, I then begun to receive emails asking me for copy of my bank statements again, and card details (all of which had been provided previously hence the 3 processed withdrawals)

Even though I found this incredibly inconvenient, I have uploaded bank statements from my banks website which show EVERY deposit made via both cards 5015 and 5023 from the EXACT SAME bank account.

Now I am in limbo, I was told nobody could check as they were in meetings, and that it had been escalated to management.

Please note I have given them so much documentation on myself now, everything that was asked for/required yet my withdrawals are not being processed. The withdrawals that they are refusing it seems to process amount to £3,610

I am at wits ‘end now, this whole scenario is causing me an unknown amount of stress.

EVERYTHING has been provided, EVERYTHING can be easily cross cast and easily explainable and understandable yet i feel i am being victimised here when there really should be no dispute.

I have noticed they have now restricted my account too and I am unable to do anything on the website.

20/09/2019 – I did log in today to do a screen recording of everything in my account showing deposits etc

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8 Responses

User icon
September 20, 2019

Hi basildonboy - welcome to!

I'll contact the operator and see what we can find out for you.



User icon
September 23, 2019

They have emailed me today with the following:

Hi User,

Thank you for recently uploading your documents. However we are still missing the following documents:

• A copy of your Bank statement showing deposits made by your credit card ending with the numbers *******5. Kindly ensure that the last 4 digits of the mentioned credit card is listed within the same document, including the official logo of the bank provider on said document to ensure authenticity.


Now, the problem is, and i have informed them of this, Barclays do not display the debit card numbers at all on bank statements for transactions.

My statement shows the two deposits clearly and match up with my deposits on the site. Not sure how i get them to realise this, just seems like they are doing all this to make it as difficult ti withdraw my remaining balance as possible

User icon
October 8, 2019

Just wanted to update you :

My letter from Barclays was uploaded to BetRegal on the 2nd October 2019, i chased it up yesterday via live chat and the operator Anna said it had been approved. (This is the document the phone operator from BetRegal told me that if i managed to acquire from my bank and send in them that should rectify any issue)

Yet i have another email asking for the same bank statements, it seems this is just a constant stalling now, to make matters worse my bank account has now gone into overdraft where i am accumulating fees where this money would more than cover that.

User icon
October 8, 2019

I have also forward on a chat transcript, the next instalment is now that i am told the accounting department are forwarding my statements to the Responsible Gaming department and this could take some time, with absolutely no reason given.

I honestly cannot believe this is happening, i always look for the best in people and in this world and i cannot believe a legitimate customer could be treated in this manner.

User icon
October 10, 2019

if an operator has allowed you to deposit funds and gamble, and has only attempted ID verification or source of funds and anti-money laundering checks when you requested a withdrawal, then they may be in breach of their licence conditions.

Please be aware however, that there may be some situations where an operator has legitimate concerns relating to money laundering. Under these circumstances, operators are obliged to gather relevant information in order to meet anti-money laundering regulations. This can include obtaining data such as personal bank statements and other financial information.

If you believe an operator has breached licence conditions by carrying out ID verification and/or source of funds checks / anti-money laundering checks only at the point of withdrawal, you may wish to submit a formal complaint to the operator.

Further, you can also advise them that they should not be delaying withdrawal now hiding behind these checks. They should have done these checks throughout your relationship with them if they had any concerns – and not just to delay a withdrawal.

User icon
October 14, 2019

Just wondered if you had any update on my case? appreciate you are probably inundated with other cases but just wanted to ask. Thanks [EDIT]

User icon
October 16, 2019

After nearly an exact month BetRegal today processed my withdrawals, this case can be closed. Thanks

User icon
October 17, 2019

Hi basildonboy,

Thanks for letting us know - they had promised us a response this week.


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September 20, 2019

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