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Bet Swagger - Account closed due to suspicious activity (their words), 1200$ confiscated


Declined - The activity that this player describes is of a high risk nature and the operator should file a report with the relevant law enforcement agency.

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Player's Complaint


Betswagger has decided to close my account and refuses to refund the money in my account.

The ground for their decision is suspicious activity, caracterized in their view by the facts that

- I did not play enough (every one of my deposit was waggered at least 1 time, as per industry standards)

- I deposited with voucher and withdrew with coins

Based on that they decided that they would keep my money.

I also asked them to provide the details of their regulatory body for me to contact them, which they refused.

Thank you for your help

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3 Responses

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December 2, 2019

Hi natexa - welcome to!

Base minimum levels of gaming activity, indicating that engaging with the gambling services on offer is not your reason for depositing, while also depositing via one method and looking to withdraw via a different and anonymised method, then the operator are entirely correct to disengage processing further transactions to you as this bears significant hallmarks associated with fraud and money laundering.

I'm sorry, but this is not a case we would take up.


User icon
December 2, 2019


this is quite extraordinary. So your answer is that betswagger is right to steal my money ?

I guess I should not be surprised, since you live on casinos commissions, keep up the good job.

It is really interesting that, in the gambling industry, simple suspicions are equivalent to being guilty in the real life, and are enough to steal people's money.

That s nice 1200$ profit for Betswagger, hope you get a slice, you deserve it.


User icon
December 2, 2019

Hi natexa,

While I understand your frustration, your response - making accusations of some form of corruption - is baseless and bordering on ridiculous. We have Bet Swagger negatively listed due to their non-cooperative approach to the management of player complaints. A fact that has seen this particular entity rather displeased with the 'fairness' of our service as well. Suggesting that there is any financial relationship between ourselves and this group is entirely spurious.

We are rejecting your complaint because, as you've made very clear, you have engaged in activities that would for very good reason result in your account being considered 'high risk' in terms of the funds in question potentially being used for some illicit purpose. That does not make you guilty of anything - we are not in the position to assert guilt. However any operator would be breaking both law and license to process further transactions to any party where there are reasonable grounds to suspect that something illegal may be happening.

If we were to become involved with this dispute, our recommendation would very likely simply be that the operator ensure that they have reported their suspicions to the relevant legal authorities for further investigation and to allow those authorities to make any further determination with regard to the legitimacy/legality of any activity that has taken place.

So no, this is not an issue that we're prepared to take up on your behalf.



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natexa consented for ThePOGG to act on their behalf and share the personal information that they provide to ThePOGG with the following agencies for the purposes of resolving their complaint:

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  • USoftGaming

December 2, 2019

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