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Bet365 - has no respect for players privacy and locked my account unfairly


Found for the Casino - While we appreciate this player's frustration with the verification process, source of wealth checks are required by Bet365's license.

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Player's Complaint

I've been playing in bet365 for years now. I'm a professional punter and use lots of bookies. And so I wager lots of money in some and use other just for couple of diferent bets as bet365 that has lots of markets.

I was contacted by bet365 about my use of neteller, they said I need to send a print to see where the money came from, so I sent it, because I have nothing to hide. All they saw was some friend returning some money they owed me and some bookies sending me money if I recall correctly. Then they asked me to send information about the people sending me money. And I told them I wouldnt send information about friends of mine that dont have to be bothered in their personal lifes just because I place some bets there. The took the neteller option from me, and from there on I could only deposit using VISA and so on. I moved on from there because it wouldnt stop me from working.

2 weeks ago they called me again asking for an enhanced verification. It was fine with me. They asked me what I do for a living and if I could send paychecks and where I had my money and all kinds of personal information. I felt they aren't entitled to that kind of information and I told them so. They said it would be mandatory to unblock my account. So I explain to them that I'm a sports punter and I live from that, and my money is in other bookies.

From that they requested I sent screenshots from all the bookies I work with providing statements about my bets I believe.

My answer was no. I don't believe it's within the right of a bookie, to have access to all my life because I use it, and doesn't give them the right to see all my work as they see fit. My work as value and if I would send it to anyone I would charge for it, why would they have the right to get it for free?

I no longer want to use this bookie, but would like them to give me my money back as I've provided the documents required to verify a bet365 account besides things that clearly are private and intelectual property.

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1 Responses

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November 29, 2018

Hi vampiregodric - welcome to!

Unfortunately there's not going to be anything we can do to help you in this instance if you are unwilling to comply with the security verification requests of the operator.

While I understand your frustration and perspective on this issue, the UK license that Bet365 are subject to do require the operator to conduct Source of Wealth checks as both an anti-fraud/money laundering measure and as a social responsibility action to ensure players who engage regular betting activity can afford to gambling they money they wager. I appreciate that your lifestyle choices may be of an unusual nature, but Bet365 will still have standards they have to meet to be compliant with their license. Proving where your money is coming from is part of that. As such, even if this was an operator that we had a strong relationship with, Bet365 are not going to change or drop this request because of our involvement.

You should be aware of the option to take your complaint to Bet365's ADR IBAS, but I would suspect you will receive the same response from them.



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November 29, 2018

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