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Betamo - accepting Dutch players


Declined - We do not pursue refund of losses based on lack of license. If your government cannot enforce its restrictions there's no chance we can.

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Player's Complaint


Have been gambling on (betamo) for a long period of time and i kept on gambling, even with the new laws and regulations to see if (betamo) is doing everything according these laws and regulations.

That is not the case and they also closed down my account, without any reason or consent of the player, this is not allowed and another reason why i would like my money back on my bank account.

(1) "dutch" people under the age of 24 have a loss limit of €400 on every casino, this limit resets every month, there is no limit on betamo.

(2) betamo is not allowed to send bonus offers or give out any bonuses to "dutch" people under the age of 24, they can also not show or give out advertisements about this.

(3) betamo should have contacted me about irresponsible gambling once they noticed, point (1) and the multiple withdrawals that happened in a short period.

(4) betamo is not allowed to close down a account, without any reason or consent of the player itself.

(5) betamo is not allowed to let "dutch" players gamble without a valid and active proof of identification.

Have had contact with (betamo) "support agents" about this and they don't want to help me any further, they keep on saying things that should not even matter.

Would like to get my money back from "29 december to 7 februari" on my bank account if that is possible, the ammount of this time period in total is (€975).

I also started a case with the police about this here in "The Netherlands", because this should not be happening and it's just unacceptable.

Hope to hear from this company soon,

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5 Responses

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February 8, 2022

Hi J3ms - welcome to!

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to help you in this instance. As explained in our Complaints FAQs we do not pursue refunds of losses based on lack of license. If your own government cannot prevent unlicensed operators from accepting their citizens, there is no possibility of the operator offering a refund simply on the basis of us asking them to.

Sorry we cannot be of further help.


User icon
February 9, 2022

(3) betamo should have contacted me about irresponsible gambling once they noticed, the multiple withdrawals that happened in a short period of time.

No one contacted me about irresponsible gambling wich they should have, it's also their job to monitor all the players and get in action if they notice things.

(4) betamo is not allowed to close down a account, without any reason or consent of the player itself.

Had contact with a (betamo) support agent wich i asked the following question, "if i want to close down my account for a couple of months, is that possible?" I never got a response on this question and they closed down my account, now i need to answer all these weird questions for my account to be opened again, wich i'm not willing to do because i never closed down my account and neither did i ask anyone to.

*(Dear player,

We kindly ask you to familiarize yourself with the following information and confirm your consent by replying to the letter:

- You'd like your account reopened;

- You don't have any personal, financial or gaming-related issues;

- The reasons for closure are no longer relevant and you can play responsibly;

- You take full responsibility for all transactions and gameplay, should your account be reopened.

Please be informed, that in order to proceed with the account reopening request you should answer each statement using full sentences and your own words.)*

I told them that i never closed down the account and that the support agent just did something that he should not have done, (betamo) even apologized for the inconvenience, but they still won't just open the account again without this nonsense.

*(Dear player,

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Thank you for contacting us.)*

(5) betamo is not allowed to let players gamble without a valid and active proof of identification.

I have been gambling on this site for quite a period of time without having a valid (id-card), they never told me to upload it or give me a warning.

These are also big reasons for me to want the refund of (€975) in total, you can't just close down someone his account without a reason, you can't let people gamble without valid proof of iditentification (id-card), you can't just do nothing about irresponsible gambling on behalf of (betamo), they have to step in once noticing irresponsible gambling according to the laws and regulations.

Hope to hear from this company again soon,

User icon
February 9, 2022

Hi J3ms,

As already explained there is nothing we can do to assist you. Betamo do not hold an Austrian license and as such are not subject to the standards set by the Austrian license. They hold an MGA license and MGA standards are all we are empowered to enforce.

To address your points:

(3) - Unless you have given the operator a direct indication that you are not in control of your gambling, withdrawing winnings would not require the operator to intervene.

(4) - Betamo are a private business and entitled to decline custom from any player they choose for any reason that is non-discriminatory. In this instance, given that you have been asking about placing limits on your account, the agent in question has concluded at this point that there may be addiction issues at play and chosen to take steps to protect you. The agent is entirely within their rights to do this.

It should also be noted that point (3) and (4) are directly at odds with each other. In (3) you are contesting that the operator should have taken action to prevent your gaming activity. In (4) you are contesting that the operator had no right to restrict your gaming activity.

(5) There are clear standards that the license holder must adhere to with regard to verifying the identity of account holders. €975 in deposits do not pass the thresholds where verification must occur.



User icon
February 9, 2022

What are you even saying, now you're just starting to sound like everyone else at (betamo) and the support agents that don't even understand english.

I never told them to close down my account, i asked a question about putting my account on hold "myself" and if that is possible whenever i want to, i never got a response to that, but the support agent closed down my account? (explain to me how that is normal)

Besides that, i'm not Austrian so i don't know what that's all about, i'm Dutch, "gambling in the Netherlands is regulated under the BGA and BGTA"

(3) i did not give the operater direct insights, but what i have been doing is telling them that i "keep on losing money" and that it's "doing my head in", to wich they offered me multiple bonuses and because of those bonuses i started gambling more again, so who is in the wrong there?

(4) i was the one asking if it's even possible to put a hold on my account, to wich i never got a response, the next thing i know my "lvl 3" account is closed, they should have talked about it with me and asked questions to determine if that's really the case, not just shut down a "loyal player" his account, again without any reason they closed down my account, the "support agent" did not understand a thing i said and you are telling me that he did it to protect me?

(3) and (4) are not directly at odds with eachother, they should have taken action way back wich they didn't do, my account got closed because a "support agent" at (betamo) is not the greatest at english, because of nothing else my account got closed down.

(5) the ammount of money (€975) is not everything that i have deposited on (betamo), that's just the ammount of money that has been deposited within (1 month), wich i would like back because the lack of certain things within the company, you can't be telling me that they should not prevent irresponsible gambling, to make it worse give out more bonuses the moment you tell them that you keep on losing, this is madness.

Hope to hear from this company again soon,

User icon
February 9, 2022

Hi J3ms,

Whether you are Dutch or Austrian makes no difference. We are hear to enforce MGA rules, not the license standards of other countries.

If you are looking to hold the operator to your local gambling licensing standards, you would need to contact your local regulator. We are not empowered to act on their behalf.

Every player is unhappy when they lose. That is a natural response to losing. And many players express their dissatisfaction with losing in order to solicit bonuses from operators. Saying that losing is "doing [your] head in" is not a responsible gambling issue/ Unless you have stated that you are losing more than you could afford, or that you could not control your gambling, this is not a situation where the operator would have been expected to prevent you from further play.

Whether you consider the operator's decision to close your account correct or not, they are still absolutely within their rights to close your account at any time for any reason. And yes, point 3 and 4 are still directly at odds with each other. You are both claiming that the operator should have closed your account due to the communications you sent them, and complaining that it is unfair that the operator closed your account because of something you said to them. The issue here is that you want to categorise one type of comment as something they should have closed your account for and another as something that they should have taken no action over. However, we would agree with the operator's assessment that the latter comment, that resulted in your account being closed, gives a stronger indication of potential gambling problems than the former where you were simply expressing disappointment with your losses.

I'm sorry, but as you have been told repeatedly, this is not an issue we can assist you with.


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February 8, 2022

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