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Betfair - use of self-exclusion


Declined - As there is no money at stake here, this is a customer service issue and does not fall within the remit of this service. Betfair has the final say in this instance.

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Player's Complaint

Dear team at,

The facts are as follow:

Late last year, 2017, I requested a 6 months self-exclusion from Betfair and all my gambling accounts. The reason being that for a semester I went back to study and I wanted to be totally focuses. My intention was to reopen my accounts once the exclusion was over.

Few months after, in April 2018, I created and account with PaddyPawor and deposited 100€. After the deposit the account was limited for 6 months as per the exclusion on betfair.

At that time I did not know that Betfait had Merged with PaddyPower.

The problem was that while the self exclusion on Betfair was due to expired in no more than 2 months, the limitation placed on PaddyPower was 6 months long! I then contacted the customer service of PaddyPower to requested that the self exclusion would end together with the one still on Betfair as I had no need for a longer exclusion.

The result was that my self exclusion on Betfair was prolonged of 6 more months! In fact, i requested a 6 months self exclusion and I found myself with 10/11 months one.

I tried multiple times to explain to PaddyPower that was not logical to prolong the limitation on Betfair and that i need for it. I was happy with the SE that I had planned.

After that I met with a wall, i then asked PaddyPower to close my account. I asked for the closure because that account was influencing my betfair one.

I have now waited 8 months, the self exclusion on betfair expired in September but my account is still limited because of a permanent exclusion on paddypower.

I tried again and again to explain that was never my intention to request a permanent exclusion.

Unfortunately from PaddyPower I only get the standard email that says that I have requested a self exclusion.

What I want from them is to make so that I can still access betfair with my old account or a new one.

I believe that the doing of the tandem betfair/paddypower is going against the reason behind the self exclusion. They use this tool as an hammer to get rid of unwanted players. Also, now i fear ever use the self exclusion option on other site as I may,once again, not be able too ever log back. In fact, i might never use the self exclusion tool on any other site such.

I believe that self exclusion tool was not meant only for players with gambling issues nor as a punishing tool that casinos can use indiscriminately. 

Finally, I asked the people at paddypower to review my self exclusion and to look for gambling issues indicators. They will not found any as:

-I only have one account. Same email for betfair and paddypower;

-Never asked free stuff;

-Never filed any chargeback;

-Never deposited more that a person of my age, occupation and location can comfortably spend;

The people at paddypower did no take any of the above into consideration.

Note that I no longer have access to the email [EDIT].

I have contacted both betfair and paddypower and changed email with:


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1 Responses

User icon
December 3, 2018

Hi rmail - welcome to!

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to help you in this instance. While I appreciated your frustration the operators in question are private business and are within their rights to decline the custom of any person for any reason that is non-discriminatory. If they do not want your play they are under no obligation to accept it.

Further to this, the UKGC has made a significant push to force operators to ensure they are making greater efforts to protect vulnerable players. With big fines going about smart operators are more likely to take a conservative approach and retain restrictions in questionable cases than re-open accounts that could potentially result in fines being levied.

Finally, there is no money at stake here. You're simply contesting that you'd like your account opened. This is a customer service issue and not one we would intervene in.

All I can suggest is that if you are unhappy with the practices you've been exposed to with these operators, that you choose an alternative service to play with.



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December 3, 2018

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