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Betswagger - regulator


Declined - We have already done everything that we can to assist this player. We have never had any meaningful success reaching out to the Curacao regulators.

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Player's Complaint

Hello Pogg,

Earlier this year I asked of you could ADR on my behalf a grievance I still have with Betswagger.

I currently have a Curaçao Lawyer who has already started a criminal investigation into this matter with the Curaçao justice system.

He has been in touch with the company director as well as their lawyer but they refuse to budge so this week he is drafting up the court documents.

A few days ago I actually put in a complaint with the CEG, this isn't the first time I've brought it to their attention, however I did it through the proper channels and received this email:

Dear Executive,

Please find below details of a grievance that qualifies as a complaint (the “Complaint”) that has been received by Curaçao eGaming (“CEG”) against your operation, by an End User (“Player”), for your immediate attention (the Player and the Operator jointly to be referred to, as: the “Parties”.

[ On 08.12.2020 I won £120k with Betswagger who were quick to close my account on claims of fraud. They then decided to contact me a month later, allow me access to my winnings before fabricating another story and currently are withholding £90k from me. I have been trying for 10 months now to come to a resolution with them, and all they do is choose to ignore me. I have tried relentlessly to get my winnings through them and no luck whatsoever. The customer service has been dreadful and at times quite disgusting. I am literally being punished for winning. ]

Against which website is the complaint filed?:

Player ID number: [EDIT]

In accordance with the IP-agreement, the Executive is required to provide Curaçao eGaming and the Player with proof within seven calendar days after having received this formal notice, that the Operator has reached out to the Player and that it is working to resolving differences between the Operator and the Player.

CEG will monitor mutual attempts to resolve the said dispute as part of its Alternate Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) procedures. All communications must be respectful and to the point and responses need to be truthful and filed timely. Statements must furthermore be accompanied with evidence and proper ID. Failure to abide by these guidelines may lead to CEG making a preliminary decision in favour or against either Party without weighing any further details, which could mean awarding the complaint or dismissing it ahead of time. By following the said ADR procedure, both parties shall accept to abide by the final word of CEG in the matter.

Please note that, since the complaint has now been formalized, CEG will only accept this communication thread in the matter. Other communications will be ignored and shall not be part of the ADR-case file. CEG has CC’d in the Player, and it is mandatory to keep all recipients CC’d at all times.

Best regards,

Curaçao eGaming | ADR Department

I have actually sent various messages within that thread asking for Betswagger to get in touch and resolve this immediately, yet I have had no response.

I have also emailed the CEG personally and funnily enough I have not had a response.

I asked them, should Betswagger not respond within the 7 day period, what happens next. Do you just award me with my winnings or what is the next stage of your protocols?

I have yet to receive a response.

In the event I don't hear back from the CEG or Betswagger by mid next week, do you have any further advice?

Have you ever contacted the CEG on behalf of a customer and managed to resolve anything?

I know how corrupt the CEG has been in the past as well as the current gambling climate in Curaçao, however, I find it strange that they would accept my complaint, copy themselves, me and betswagger into an email thread for resolve if they have no intention of following through.

Any advice would be most appreciated

Kind regards

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3 Responses

User icon
September 27, 2021

Hi oc2012,

Sadly there's nothing further we could suggest. You have already received more of a response than we have ever seen a player get from Curacao eGaming. Our experience has consistently been that this organisation simply ignores contacts from players or services like our own.

Sorry we could not be of further help.


User icon
September 27, 2021

Good Morning Pogg,

I somehow believe that not only have I received more of a response than any other player, which you are right in being butbthe fact that Betswagger even got in contact a month later to offer funds was a bit of a miracle.

I will however pursue this in every way shape and form.

In the event betswagger do not respond and the CEG become quiet again, would it be possible to contact the CEG on my behalf asking whats going on.

It just wouldn't make sense that they would take on this grievance, copy myself, themselves and Betswagger in an email thread and asking them to contact me to resolve this if they have absoloutly no intention of following through.

If anything, I would have imagined they ignored me altogether, do you see what I mean.

Anyways, ill give it till Wednesday as that is the time limit the CEG have given Betswagger and take it from there.

Thanks for all you do, I appreciate your hard work and efforts.



User icon
October 9, 2021

Hi oc2012,

While I understand your request, there is nothing we can do to assist you. I, personally, have tried on numerous occassions to establish a dialogue with CEG and have never even received an acknowledgement. This "regulator" has made clear in their silence that they have no interest in interacting with this service.

Sorry we cannot be of further assistance.


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September 25, 2021

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