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BetUK - Self excluded


Resolved - The player believes that they self-restricted from BetUK in February this year however has not kept hold of communications and the operator states that they do not hold records of live chats from that long ago. As such there's nothing with which we could support the player's case.

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Player's Complaint

Hi there,

I hope you can help me with the only other complaint I have against gaming companies.

On 28.11.15 permitted me to open an account and deposit 200 pounds. This was in spite of me self excluding from BetUK the February before.

I have contacted BetUK and and they said that I self excluded from both on the same date on 28.11.15. This is simply not true. I did in fact self excluded from BetUK in the February 2015. I remember having the conversation with them at the time that they couldn't refund deposits made at due to the fact that even though I had self excluded I hadn't made it clear to them that my reason for self excluding was due to a gambling problem.

This is of course wrong and a self excluded player should never be permitted to deposit at a sister site.

I hope that you are able to help me. BetUK / are being quite deceitful about this.

I grant you permission to ask for copies of all chat between us and you will see that I asked to be self excluded.

I hope you can help me get my 200 pounds back from bet UK/ What they are doing is morally and ethically wrong.



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4 Responses

User icon
December 8, 2015

Hi joanneyf - welcome back!

Before I can do anything to help you I need you to provide me with the username and email address you used at these casinos.

This case isn't nearly as clear cut as the other one. Firstly I'd need to see the communication you had with BetUK in February. Self-exclusions are frequently being abused by players to create situations where if they win they want paid and if they lose they demand their money back. As such when requesting a self-exclusion you really need to have used some variation of the words 'problem gambler', 'addict' or something similar. If it hasn't been made clear that you're restricting your account fro these reasons there's no reason that the operator would prevent you opening another account. Many players use the self-exclusion procedures for a variety of reasons: they're drunk and don't want to play for the rest of the night, they're bored of the casino and want the account closed etc etc. If self-excluding for gambling problems it's imperative you make it very clear to the operator that's the reason you want limits put on your account.

If you have any record of the communication surrounding this issue I'd ask you to forward it on to [email protected].



User icon
December 9, 2015

Hi there totally understand this. Bet UK refuse to send me copies of our correspondence and are not replying to emails.

I'll keep trying.

Thankyou for your help.

User icon
December 11, 2015

Hi joanneyf,

From what I've seen of your correspondence with BetUK they are saying that the no longer have a record of the communications from February.

Unless you have copies of the relevant communications I'd suggest that there's not much to be done in this instance.


User icon
December 12, 2015

Hey no worries!! My own fault! I should have kept the correspondence! Thanks for all your help anyway. Much appreciated, [EDIT]

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December 8, 2015

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