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Big Bang – refused winnings


Resolved - BigBang casino have refused to discuss complaints but have ultimately managed to Resolve this issue internally and the player has been paid.

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Player's Complaint

Hi hope you can help, I won a substantial amount from Big Bang casino early 2014. Ever since I have been messed around with tactics from them to stop me receiving my winnings.

First their excuse for not paying me was that I wasn't a eligible member.

Second that I used a fraudulent card.

Third excuse was that I used a credit card.

They may state that this is not the case but I have emails from them to prove this. There is also complaints and reviews on ask gamblers to verify this also. The facts are I used a debit card to deposit funds into Big Bang casino. I have a bank statement to verify funds taken from my account and being received by RELOAD their payment company. I have suffered nothing but abuse from them in the last 10 months. They even revealed my name on the review forum at AskGamblers which when I checked their licence they are not allowed to do. They may state that they never did but I also took a screenshot of this as proof. They also state that I am a problem gambler which is also untrue as I have many trust issues regarding online casinos since Big Bang casino can treat their members this way Thankyou for your help I just want this sorted

Thank you

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7 Responses

Nov 19, 2014

Hi lithium1977 - welcome to ThePOGG.com!

Before I do anything I need you to provide me the amount that you've not been paid and your username and email address at Big Bang casino. Once I have those I'll contact the casino and see what I can find out.



Nov 24, 2014

Hi lithium1977,

I can't do anything to help you until I have the information requested above. I'd appreciate it if you could forward this on asap.



Nov 24, 2014

Hi sorry about that the amount I tried to withdraw was €3500
My username and email address was the same....


Nov 30, 2014

Hi sorry to bother you was just wondering if you got my last message, I know it took a while to get back to you but I had internet connection problems

Thanks again

Dec 01, 2014

Hi lithium1977,

I did receive your last communication and I have spoken to Big Bang casino.

Big Bang claim that there are a variety of issues here ranging from discrepancies with the payment methods being used through to abusive and threatening behaviour towards their staff. Unfortunately when I requested that they provide supporting evidence to validate their claims I was informed that they had "wasted" enough time on this issue and would not be investing any more.

This leaves me with two parties making various claims and nothing for me to base a decision on. As such this complaint will be closed as 'Unresolved'.

That said, the responses of the Big Bang casino rep were to my mind substantial concerning. From the very first response they made it clear they were not keen to discuss the complaint highlighting internal processes. This was before the specifics of the case, or the details of the player had been communicated to them. While I respect any casino that's willing to try and resolve player issues internally, when a player ends up submitting a complaint to me it generally means that there's been a failure with the casino's internal complaints procedure or that the player is unhappy with the resolution that the internal procedure has offered.

This reluctance quickly escalated into dismissiveness of the value of the service provided here. The Big Bang casino rep repeatedly referenced AskGamblers' decision to bar this player as justification for finding in their favour and suggested that I should defer to their decision. While I respect the service that AskGamblers offer, if I felt that they were getting it right all of the time I would not have set up my own service. All AskGamblers actions tell me is that this player annoyed their staff or transgressed one of their site rules.

Overall I wasn't at all impressed by BigBang casino and I can't see any realistic working relationship on future complaints. As such I'll be moving BigBang and their sister property MundiFortuna to 'Not Recommended' status.


Dec 01, 2014

Thankyou for trying I had the same response from ask gamblers, I must say I have never been threatning or abusive people can check any review I have left and I have only spoke the truth
But again thankyou for trying and your help in this matter

Dec 10, 2014

lithium1977 has got back in contact to inform me that BigBang casino have ultimately resolved this issue and paid in full.

lithium1977 has provided a statement from BigBang casino that places their bank at fault for this issue. As such we're going to move the status of this complaint from 'Unresolved' to 'Resolved'.

This however does not change the fact that BigBang casino have been absolute in their stance that they will not discuss complaints. As with all casinos that won't discuss complaints we can't offer you any assistance if things go wrong. This in itself warrants the continuation of the current 'Not Recommended' status.

Alongside this, while this complaint has been resolved, during the initial discussion BigBang casino stated as fact some very serious accusations against this player, accusations that we presume given that the player has been paid have turned out to be baseless. Whenever I publish a report, regardless of the specifics of the case, I'm always cautious about making any statements that could be considered defamatory or libellous. In this instance I feel that a very serious accusation was engaged in lightly and this is the very type of situation that this service is designed to prevent.


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