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Bingo Extra - Social Responsibility


Found for the Casino - After reviewing the process that was engaged with regard to this players experience it is our opinion that Bingo Extra and the DAUB Alderney group acted in an appropriate manner consistent with their Responsible Gambling commitments.

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Player's Complaint

Hello ThePogg,

I found you to be an excellent ADR service when enquiring in another case I had - in which you found in my favour. I am not sure if I have a case against LuckyPants here, but believe myself to be in the right. I’ve posted below my original email to them which explains my disagreement.


I am writing with a complaint.

I opened an account some months ago with Bingoextra, as well as having several others with DAUB Alderney licensed online casinos (Aspers luckypants, kingjackpot, spinandwin).

I am a problem gambler, and I have now dug myself into a perilous financial position, and I believe your casinos are partly responsible due to neglecting your social responsibilities as a company. Below are the reasons I believe your company is at fault.

1. Having first opened an account at luckypants, I requested a self exclusion with that site. I was discouraged from doing so by a Luck Pants advisor, and instead the support team encouraged me to set deposit limits.

This is a breach of the rules, and I should have been excluded when I asked for this.

2. Once I set deposit limits (£50) the support team said they would implement them over all DAUB casinos I was then registered with (spinandwin, aspers). This limit was not extended to my accounts at Kingjackpot or Bingoextra, (possibly more sites) leading to me (as a problem gambler) Gambling in excess of what I can afford. As my limits were working, to an extant, on the other sites, my addiction kicked fully in when on those sites where I had no limits, creating a bullseye to aim for. I knew I could gamble more on your sites so I used them more often.

All accounts, new or old, across the DAUB license should have had this limit implemented as agreed, although I use the term agreed loosely - i feel I was coerced into setting limits rather than excluding.

3. I am hereby demanding all deposits made over the £50 agreed monthly limit on all DAUB sites be returned to me immediately.

4. When I first opened my bingoextra account, I managed to win up to £7,000 and tried to withdraw £6,000. After my withdrawal request, it was not placed into a ‘pending’ status or anything, it just sat there whilst you deliberated for nearly three days. Again, and I believe in a calculated fashion, your site allowed my addiction to take hold again, and I managed to spend the 6,000 - which should have AT LEAST been placed in a procession stage.

5. I have evidence / photons / screenshoots / emails etc to prove the above.

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5 Responses

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June 25, 2018

Hi dancul30skye - welcome back!

Before going any further do you have records of conversations where you were encouraged not to self-exclude and where you were informed your limits would be carried over to other properties? If so can you please forward them on to [email protected].



User icon
June 25, 2018

Hi ThePogg Thanks for your reply. I have forwarded the emails as requested. Many Thanks [EDIT]

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July 10, 2018

Hi ThePogg

Can I just check if you received the documents I sent over - and if they were the correct ones.



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July 11, 2018

Hi dancul30skye,

I've now discussed this issue in full with Bingo Extra and unfortunately we cannot uphold your claim. I'm going to go through your case in full to explain our reasoning.

On the 24th of December you emailed Lucky Pants Bingo the following message:

"Please self exclude me for the maximum length of time from my account"

In line with the UKGC LCCP the operator followed up to request more information about your request and ensure that you understood what a self-exclusion entailed. This is in line with the following term:

" Before an individual self-excludes, licensees should provide or make available sufficient information about what the consequences of self-exclusion are."

You did not respond to this email and as such your account was locked, but the self-exclusion was not confirmed so not applied. You were informed that the account had only been locked within the email you were sent.

Your subsequent conversation with Live Chat went as follows:


Agent ([EDIT]): "We replied on the same day requesting further clarification as to why you made this request"

01/07/2018 04:32:17PM Agent ([EDIT]): "As part of our social responsibility"

01/07/2018 04:32:26PM Agent ([EDIT]): "from the time of your request"

01/07/2018 04:32:34PM Agent ([EDIT]): "all your accounts have been merely locked"

01/07/2018 04:32:42PM Agent ([EDIT]): "awaiting your response to our email"

01/07/2018 04:33:01PM Agent ([EDIT]): "A self exclusion is a gambling management tool."

01/07/2018 04:33:03PM Agent ([EDIT]): "It is an irreversible action and impacts all accounts you may hold with Daub Alderney Limited, regulated under UK Gambling Commission. An exclusion can be applied only as from a minimum of 6 months."

01/07/2018 04:33:03PM [EDIT]: "My account can remain closed. I am only concerned with the attempted £20 deposit. Was it succeasful"

01/07/2018 04:33:42PM Agent ([EDIT]): "The deposit was indeed successful, however if you proceed with the self exclusion, this will be voided and released on the next working day"

01/07/2018 04:34:12PM Agent ([EDIT]): "Can you please advise as to why you would like to self exclude?"

01/07/2018 04:34:14PM [EDIT]: "I do not want to proceed with the self exclusion, I would rather set deposit limits if possible?"

In the above conversation at no point does the agent raise or suggest that you choose a deposit limit as an alternative to a self-exclusion. The agent explains to you what the consequences of a self-exclusion are, confirms that your deposit was successful and that if you confirm the self-exclusion that the deposit will be immediately voided and returned to you on the first following business day (i.e. faster than this group process withdrawals as a standard, which they list as taking 3-5 business days). In fact, once the agent confirms that your deposit has been approved you then ask for a deposit limit instead of a self-exclusion.

As far as the management of your self-exclusion request is concerned DAUB Alderney have acted in an appropriate fashion that is compliant with their social responsibility requirements.

Moving on, the application of the deposit limit. Unlike self-exclusions, at the present time the UKGC does not require that operator carry over other types of limits (deposit, loss, wager, session length etc etc) to other properties in the group. These limits are only applied at the property they are requested at. By extending limits of this nature to all open accounts within their group DAUB Alderney are actually going further than their license requirements. In your case your deposit limits were carried over to all accounts you had open at the time. Accounts that you opened after this point were not included as there is not automated process to detect newly registered accounts and extend limits of this nature to them. As your losses were incurred at one of the new accounts you opened after setting-up your deposit limit on the existing accounts your deposit limits would not apply to them.

Sorry we could not be of more help.


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July 27, 2018

Thanks for looking at this. As I mentioned, I wasn’t sure if there was a case there but trust thePOGG’s judgement. Thanks again.

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June 25, 2018

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