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BitCasino - operating ilegally in Spain


Declined - As clearly stated in our Complaints FAQs we do not manage complaint related to whether a casino has the correct licenses to accept players from a specific country.

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Player's Complaint


I don't know whether you can help me or not with my problem.

First of all, I have had the problem with SportsBet Casino ( but it is not in the list. Bitcasino ( belongs to the same mother company, mBet Solutions NV

I also don't know whether or not are you familiarized with the Spanish gambling regulator (DGOJ) and the Spanish national self exclussion list (RGIAJ)

Summarizing, there is absolutely no doubt, that this casino, is operating ilegally in Spain. From some internet providers you get a message that the web is ilegal and it is blocked, unfortunately from other providers (mobile eg), the web is not blocked.

I am a problem gambler, a sick gambler. I have been in the national blacklist (RGIAJ) from 2016. I have been living in Sweden, and I am also in the Swedish national blacklist (Spelpaus) Let's say with this, that I care about my problem and that my only solution is to be self excluded eternally from gambling. I have definitelly taking today the decission of installing BetBlocker in all my devices to gain an additional level of exclussion. I have the doubt of how the software can be more clever than me to stop my access, but I'm quite sure it has been thought and it is protected about uninstalls, vpns, etc, etc.

Being said this, weeks ago I managed to register in SportsBet, giving them absolutely my real info (residence in Spain, real name, real data) but I couldn't deposit. Yesterday I could access the site through the phone internet provider, and I deposited 300 € + 300 € (600 €) and of course lost everything (except 25 € that remain in the account) playing live Blackjack. Experience was kinda weird, because sometimes I was logged out telling that playing was not allowed in my jurisdiction (after letting me deposit) Other times I was redirected to an Australian web. I spoke in the live chat with a hateful person, that told me that they were "starting to implement not allowing Spanish players to play"

To cut this long story short. A casino that must have a license by the Spanish regulator, to operate in Spain, and that is clearly identified by the Spanish regulator as an ilegal site, is rendering services in the Spanish territory (blocked by only certain internet providers), and is accepting registration and deposits by Spanish players, playing from Spain.

As they are not licensed, they don't have the cross-check to national self exclusion list (one of the logical requirements to obtain a license)

So being nationally excluded, I have achieved to play from my country, in an ilegal place.

Am I guilty? Of course, but this is an addiction. You can be clean 3 years and with this internet instantaneous casinos, you can relapse in 30 minutes.

Are they guilty? Of course. They are operating without license. They accept Spain as a country in their registration. They of course don't care about my country Laws or exclussion lists.

Honestly don't know if anything can be done from your side. The most surprising thing is that this site has a 9.5 rating in AskGamblers. A site that is breaking the laws!!! Is completely crazy. I have also opened a complaint in askGamblers, but honestly, I don't trust so much that place. I have had problems in the past, and I have had honest answers from here. Honest behavior. Empathy. Nothing to do.

If I can recover the 600 € perfect. If not, at least I would like to prevent The Pogg about this site and their methods, so other players can take advantage on it.

Many thanks,

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4 Responses

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August 1, 2019

Hi crawfall - welcome to!

As explained in our Complaints FAQs, we do not contest losses based on lack of license alone as this does not effect the fairness of the gambling transaction.

It is the responsibility of the regulator to ensure that unlicensed operators do not accept players from their country. The basic reality is that if the regulator cannot stop an operator from accepting players without a license there is zero possibility of the operator refunding money based on our intervention.



User icon
August 6, 2019


Yes, I completely agree on your rationale.

The point is that I don't understand why nothing is done by no one to drop down the reputation of a casino that is breaking the Laws of a country (and with the complete knoweledge about it) (yes, I have received a mail by them where they recognize they were aware about the Law, and they were operating without license, but the glitch was on the regulator and on me, despite Spain is a valid country in the address of a player in their registration form)

I know I'm not going to recover a cent. What I want is ilegal places like this one to be at least blacklisted by trustly intermediators as you,in order to avoid this to happen in the future.

Agree Spanish regulator works terribly bad, soft, and slow with this kind of places. But sites like ThePogg can help here. I hope your trustworthiness ratio of gambling sites is affected by this kind of cases.

If what they do breaking the Law of a country, affects to their global reputation, among all of us we build a safer internet for gamblers and for everybody.


User icon
August 6, 2019

Hi Crawfall,

I'm afraid that if a country's government cannot enforce its own laws expecting us to be able to make any difference what-so-ever is entirely unrealistic and taking on complaints of this nature simply wastes the time and resources that we could put into other viable cases. For this reason our policy is that we do not engage with license related claims of this nature. are already Blacklisted with this service on other grounds.



User icon
August 7, 2019

Hi The Pogg,

You can consider this complaint closed in favor of the player, if you have (and you should add to the list)

I am sorry as maybe I should have used the forum or any other resource of the web to obtain this. I am not too familiarized with the other places of the web.

Many thanks and keep on with the useful work you do :)


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August 1, 2019

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