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Bitstarz - 2200 euros confiscated


Found for the Player - Bitstarz have been less than cooperative with this case and have failed to provide supporting evidence to validate their claim.

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Player's Complaint

Hello! 2200 euros were unreasonably confiscated from me by Bitstars casino. On 6 September 2018 I created account at casino and I’d like to note that in Russia all main casino sites are under roskomnadzor block (thepogg too) and cant be accessed directly. When I registered at I used chrome vpn extension "betternet" however after I registered I discovered that has “mirror” site All my further communications were with - site made by to bypass roskomnadzor restriction for russian players.

The first play 20 free spins lost them and made a first 100 euro deposit using my card into 0 balance and received 100 euro welcome bonus on first deposit.

I followed bitstarz casino main T

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7 Responses

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January 21, 2019

Hi marisya - welcome to!

Before we can go any further I need you to provide the rest of your complaint submission.



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January 21, 2019

I followed bitstarz casino main T&C and bonus T&C about games, stakes etc. and managed to win 2500 euro on slots, my bet was never more than 5 euro.

After I finished wagering for welcome bonus (also playing slots), I had 2200 euro on my balance which I have requested for withdrawal back to my card that I made deposit from. On 7 september my withdrawal request was reverted back to my balance. Then i sent all requested documents, also photos showing me beside my house.

On 19 september 2018 I was informed my account was locked and I was asked to answer phone call from casino in the near 48 hours, and on 21.09.18 I received that

phone call. We talked for 12 minutes, I answered all questions about myself and also on some weird questions

like “what did you type to log into casino”. On my registration I received some non-relevant free spins which

I lost completely to 0 balance, but operator asked me “did you received no deposit bonus” and I said that I

have not (because even on site it was promoted as free SPINS and not “no deposit BONUS”). During phone call operator said that casino is going to confiscate my balance because they don’t like something with me and they dont like my slow speech and "uncertainty". I told them i cant speak russian fluently because it is my second language (i'm armenian) also I asked could they speak with me by videochat if they don’t like something and want to verify my identity better (if what

they asked was not enough!) but operator refused to do so.

I think they use this “phone call check” as some weak basis, some reference to try to justify money confiscation.

"Explain how do you walk? - I can not tell you but i can show you - Why do we need to see how you walking if you can not explain how you do it?! You so uncertain about how you walk" - thats basically the whole point of that phone call.

Later I sent e-mail regarding this and support told me they decided to close my account and will not pay my balance. No reference to T&C was given.

Futher i wrote a complaint at askgamblers but after few days i found out that my account at askgamblers is closed and the complaint was deleted from the site completely. I suppose that askgamblers tries to hide any cases with bitstars casino and cover them, because bitstarz is highly promoted as "best casino choice" etc and probably is the most profitable casino for that dispute mediator-affiliate (also i think i registered from askgamblers site link because i looked there about "best rated casinos" so they had double profit there in denying my complaint, but i'm not sure).

But the thing is - 2200 eur confiscated "because person seemed for us to be uncertain". I have not violated any clauses of T&C and want my balance to be restored and paid.

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May 28, 2019

Any updates on my case?

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June 14, 2019

Hi marisya,

I've spoken to the operator about this issue at some length. They inform me that the decision not to pay you has been based on a failed verification call. We have asked Bitstarz to provide a copy of the verification call to authenticate the issues but they have been unable to do so, only providing us with a transcript of the conversation.

Given the insecure nature of a text document of this nature we are unable to validate the operator's actions on this basis. I do however have to be clear that if the chat transcript was to prove an accurate account of the conversation that took place we would unquestionable support the operator's decision not to pay.

As things stand we have to parties making opposing claims and no valid ground to favour either one.

Sorry there is nothing further we can do to help you.


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July 3, 2019

Here is my answer on askgamblers complaint conversation. Also they posted link there with call audiofile, i downloaded it and i do have it. Yes i wrote in my complaint that i registered at because this site is highly rated on askgamblers (best casino of the year 2017 actually), and also i wrote that i want askgamblers to help me with the issue i have, becaucse casino confiscated my money with the only explanation (that i only found from their reply to my complaint that you deleted) that " as her answers to the questions were far from convincing. After informing the player about this, she claims that the reason why she was hesitant was due to her Russian being bad and this being the first casino she ever played at. With that being said, we question that argument as the player in question immediately sent us an email in flawless Russian (attached) just after confiscation, and as her English seems to be on an excellent level (as per this complaint), we're also slightly puzzled to the fact that she didn't use the English site or support and makes us even more convinced about the authenticity of the player's intentions." Basically they accuse me for not living alone in my appartment but living with my family (daughter, son, husband, grandchildren). How ridiculous is that! Ofcourse my daughter can help me to write a complaint in english or russian and ofcourse i asked her for this help, because russian is her first language, and she is much better with all this than me. It is not prohibited in T&C that daughter can help mother to write a complaint (just like a lawyer would do), also only i have account at bitstarz across my family, my household etc, there is no breaking rules here! But when i received the call what exactly was far from convincing? He asked dozen of time how to play slot, i answered multiply times that only thing you can change is lines, thats exactly it. You only need to look at stake and press spin, nothing can be changed exept lines. Also all the casino interface is intuitive - there is nothing to say anything about "what you need to make a deposit?" - find a deposit button somewhere, thats it. And i asked him to start videochat, because i couldnt explain in russian what he wanted but could show him what to do (log in, play. etc. if that was what they wanted from me) He rejected, said "why would we need video if you cant tell it in russian". Thats the whole story. Their only explanation for the confiscation is for me being who i am - my russian is bad, i speak with accent, if thats sounds fun for them - they can call me and ask me anything in armenian language!

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August 23, 2019

Hi marisya,

I've reverted to Bitstarz with this issue specifically to confirm whether or not the they can verify that you would have a copy of the verification call given that they've been unable to provide this themselves.

Sadly we've received no response from the operator from any of these contacts. As the operator are non-responsive to this issue the complaint will now be ruled in your favour.

Sorry we could not be of more help.


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October 14, 2019

I see case found for me but no actions from casino happened no balance was restored or paid. So casino licensed in Curasao so thats the place where i should submit new complaint? Anything i can do about this?

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January 21, 2019

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